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A Virtue Worth Striving For: Affability

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Affability falls under the category of Christian justice. It is where one can give person(s) the respect they deserve. This is a virtue we as Catholics do not hear very much about. There are four Cardinal Virtues which are prudence, justice, temperance, and fortitude. These virtues are the pillars in our faith life in terms of living the faith and practicing it. So, what is affability, and how can we practice it in our daily life?


Again, not much has been written specifically on friendliness in terms of modern Catholic teachings. We know it is prime as it falls under the category of justice. All people are created by God and have dignity given by him. Every person has a right to all that is needed to live a full life with all of the graces bestowed by God. Since friendliness falls under justice, it is relevant and matters. Human dignity depends on how we react to others in our daily lives. Friendliness is a recognition of other people, their dignity, and our awareness of their presence in a positive way.

Becoming friendlier

Not all people have the natural gift of being a friendly person, but it can be learned. Smiling is the first step for those who struggle. This does not mean smiling in an unnatural way. It is a way to recognize and respect another human being no matter the circumstance. With friendliness goes kindness as it is a command of the Lord. Being “nice” is not a negative Christian action contrary to what some serious-minded Catholics have argued that it has no relevance. Just ask someone who has gone through trauma, adversities, depression or anxiety if being treated nicely by others is helpful in their lives. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, it does matter to them. It helps them a great deal. We can never forget this fact when it comes to being friendly toward others especially those who suffer. Loving and caring for the marginalized is a job for everyone, and this entails being friendly toward all not just some.

Moving forward

Being more friendly is not a weak or meaningless virtue. It is relevant and important. Those who treat people well through affability are virtuous. We can do the same. It takes work and determination, but through the gift of the holy spirit we can become more affable and kinder toward others. In moving forward, let us never forget that being friendly is a virtue to strive after for the good of the world.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and will want to share with someone important to you.

Featured image: Delighted black female barista serving coffee in cup in cafe · Free Stock Photo (pexels.com)