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Awake or Woke: Don’t be Confused

Feel like you have no idea if you really understand what is going on in the world? Confused that what is wrong is now supposed to be right and that ‘science is real’ isn’t really true? How do we know what is true when we are told what we see isn’t ‘the truth’? How about being accused of being something you are not, just because you don’t accept someone else’s “truth”? This isn’t the first time when the enemy has used confusion and lies to draw people away from the Truth, but this is the time we are living in. We need to not be afraid and stand up to protect ourselves and our children. Let’s see if we can solve this confusion from Woke Proof Your Life by Teresa Mull.

Don’t be worn down

author: Joanna Malinowska

location: Warsaw, PL

While it may seem like everyone is against your traditional views, that is just not true. Just because the media or social media is full of anti-Christian lifestyles and images, doesn’t mean we are not still the majority. We see how companies who get involved with ‘identity politics’ are themselves being cancelled by the general public. Parents are standing up to schools who are supporting kids who want to transition against their parents wishes. “If you relate to this feeling of exhaustion and alienation from society, you are in crowded (and obviously great) company. Most Americans are disenchanted with this modern life.”

Choose your battles

Spiritual warfare is a lifelong battle, but we must not become battle weary. We can’t fight them all and we don’t need to do it on our own.
Here’s the battle plan:
– Start by gathering other like-minded friends.
– Support others who are fighting a different battle.
– Don’t stop fighting.
– Remember who has already won.
We are all given different gifts and while we might be passionate and be more involved with pro-life causes, donate to other causes so they can fight against the destruction of our families.

You are in charge

As much as governments, schools, big tech, and special interest groups want you to think they are in control over your kids, THEY ARE NOT. It is your responsibility as a parent to raise your kids in the faith—this was our promise during their baptism. Yet, we plop them down in front of TV, give them phones and computers and allow them to lock themselves in their rooms for hours. Take control back: turn in devices at night, limit online time hours, and only using devices in open spaces are just a few tips common tips. But some others are talk to your kids! Teach them your values. Tell them what’s right, wrong and why. Make it fun to make it more memorable (although not a joke, we joke about TikTok drugs. It make it easier to bring it up and why we don’t order online).


Mull gives us our own acronym: Non-Woke, Ordinary, Rational, Moral, American Leaders
We are the ones who know what is real. We are not the extremist that they make us out to be. We are the leaders and the ones that need to stand up against those who say things just to get a rise out of us. Remember when we were little and we would do or say something just to irritate our sibling or parents? This is what the woke are doing, and making us look like the fools fighting against them. We need to turn it around on them. We are the rational ones. Be NORMAL.

Support Others

Jesus sent his apostles out into the world and didn’t tell them to stay in the upper room. They prayed together, but then went out and preached the Gospel. Support others who are like minded, including other companies who have conservative values (check out the appendixes). Build a community around you, join Church clubs and if there aren’t any, create one. If you are politically inclined, join the school PTO/PTA, school board, or run for higher office. We need strong leaders, who can steer us back to normal.

While it may feel like we are the only one in the world that is NORMAL, sorry to say, you are not. We no long should be the quiet majority, we need to fight back and call out those who are trying to cancel us. Woke Proof Your Life by Teresa Mull is your playbook to bring our society back to a traditional, Christian-based culture that is not confused about who we are.

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