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Being Further Open to the Holy Spirit

The third person of the holy trinity is the holy spirit. The holy spirit is a valuable aspect of our lives as it is how God speaks to us. We were baptized into the faith and then confirmed as Catholics. These two sacraments give us this great gift. Confirmation is the fullness of receiving the holy spirit. We can never take this profound gift for granted in daily life. Below are a few ideas to be more open to the holy spirit.

Listen more and talk less

When we are open to listening to others we can grow in virtue. The same holds true in our relationship with God. We can be open to him through listening more and talking less. The more we can know the heart of God, we grow in love of him. This is a great way to be open to the holy spirit by being comfortable with the silence of life. Once we get used to it, we will find that we don’t mind the silence. In fact, we will probably love it.

Read scripture and receive the sacraments

Reading holy scripture in a prayerful way opens us up to the Lord. In addition, receiving the sacraments often is a gift. When we do so, we open ourselves up to the holy spirit in a profound way. When we go to Mass and receive the eucharist, this is the most beautiful gift of all. When we treasure the eucharist, love, and adore him we grow closer to his spirit as well.

Caring for the less fortunate

Being more virtuous involves caring for others. The bible offers much wisdom in terms of the teachings of Christ and outreach to the marginalized. We can do the same. When we keep our eyes open to way that we may help others, we open ourselves to Christ’s spirit. This can be done each day as God opens opportunities for us to serve. Teaching our children to do the same multiplies the effort, making it even more precious. Continue these efforts to get to know the heart of Christ and the holy spirit. God will guide you at each moment to love and serve him. As you do so, the holy spirit will speak even more profoundly in your life. You are on your way to being more open to the holy spirit.

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