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Best Tip Ever: Wear a Catholic T-Shirt

Looking for high-quality Catholic apparel? Of course, you are! And of course, you want a way to wear the Faith on your sleeve—in a literal way! New t-shirt company Tees to the Kingdom is the place to look.

Tees to the Kingdom began when two friends, Sarah and Kevin, began working at a screen printing shop in Asheville, NC. Kevin made a St. Nicholas shirt for his family and she shared a picture of it on Twitter. Catholic Twitter went mad for it! Sarah and Kevin ended up printing 50 of the St. Nicholas shirts and mailed them all over the U.S. and even to France. The friends had so much fun that they decided to make another shirt the next month, and another the next, and . . . you get the point.

Sarah recently shared with us:

“Most people buy and wear t-shirts that sit at the intersection of who they are and who they want to be. If we can make shirts that remind people of the saints they love, of the goodness for which they can and should strive in their daily life, we will! And we hope these are just that for people. Remember your death. Remember the saints. Remember the life to come. Simple as that.”

So, far, Tees to the Kingdom have created shirts recalling St. Nicholas, an interpretation for St. Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick, and to logo tees. Currently, their Flannery O’Connor shirt is open for pre-orders. Other shirts in the works include St. Dymphna, the Sacred Heart, Mary, Exterminatrix of all Heresies, St. Foccas, and St. Joan of Arc.

With their unique takes on the saints and the Faith, their eyes for design, and their love for people, Tees to the Kingdom provides stylish, quality, faithful t-shirts for any believer. This Twitter sensation is taking the young Catholic world by storm. Check out their Instagram for product updates and customer selfies (they love selfies! Make sure to send them one of you in their tees). For ordering, check the Tees to the Kingdom Etsy shop, and for updates, ideas, and polls for future designs, check their Twitter account.