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“Bible in a Year” Podcast Closes Out Lent Among the Most Downloads!

What was the most exciting thing of January 1, 2021? A priest reading the Bible, sharing a reflection and praying every day for twenty minutes, and becoming the number one downloaded podcast!

Even better news as we Lent? It is still top five! EVEN better yet? It’s closing out Lent at number twelve all time downloaded in the United States in every category!


What Christian has not at some point decided one of their new years resolutions would be to read through the entire Bible, just to hit Leviticus or Numbers and have their good intentions fizzle out? Well, this year we were all in luck when Jeff Cavins and Father Mike Schmitz teamed up with Ascension Press and turned a one year reading plan into a podcast!

Every day a new twenty minute podcast is released and we can listen along at our own pace. The podcasts ends with some notes from the Bible Timeline Bible and reflections by Father Mike. Every time we enter a new period in the Bible a supplemental podcast is released featuring both Jeff Cavins and Father Mike giving us a framework in which to understand and place our next set of readings into. It weaves the entire Bible together and has it making sense in a way that at other times has left us lay people often scratching our heads.

It’s not too late to start either, we can bump it back into a higher slot by getting started now. The beauty of this being in podcast form is that we get to start any day we wish as long as it remains online. Many people are already saying that when they finish they are going to restart at day one all over again.

If you’d rather read the Bible on your own, or even trade back and forth as the days dictate, you can also download the reading plan for yourself. Be sure to subscribe and get in on this podcast, perfect to start at any time, or totally binge worthy if that’s your style. Click here to go to the podcast webpage and find it on your podcast player of choice.