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Bible in A Year Podcast is Coming to Times Square for New Years!!!

Ascension just released huge news for those who have been following “The Bible in A Year” Podcast. There was excitement when the podcast was announced in 2020, but no one expected that it would be the wild success it has become. Who would have thought that a Catholic priest and a layperson in Minnesota would rock the podcast world, by just telling us what in the Bible? Of course it’s more than that: they offer thought provoking takes on difficult passages, and bring even the dullest parts of the Bible to life. (I never really thought I could get excited about Numbers!)

Taking over the top slots overall for the first month on many platforms, and in religion and spirituality through the month of October with no signs of slowing down, the podcast is set to conclude at the end of the year. Currently at 142 million downloads and 3.3 Billion minutes of listening around the world, and counting!

Each podcast episode is about 22 minutes long, with readings, prayers, and reflections from Father Mike Schmitz and guest appearances from Bible scholar, Jeff Cavins, of the Great Adventure Bible Timeline. Ascension has said that the podcast will remain up as long as they are making podcasts, so no one needs to hurry through, it won’t be going anywhere come January 1, 2022. You can begin today with episode one and binge your way to catching up (it would take 6 days without breaks, in case you want to go on a Bible binge), or take it at your pace. If you fall behind, no worries! It’s waiting for you in your subscriptions for the next opportunity you get.

Not only is “The Bible in a Year” Podcast not going anywhere, it’s hitting the big time on the New Year’s Times Square Billboards! December 19, 2021 – January 9, 2022 you can find The Bible in A Year Podcast at 7th Ave & 48th St, New York City. Pilgrimage to New York City, anyone?

Also in the press release is the great news that the podcast is coming out in Spanish! Releasing on January 1, 2022, you can register to listen by following this link.

Can’t get enough of The Bible in a Year? Great news! The Bible in A Year Retreat, virtual event is coming! February 18-22 this event with live talks aiming at helping us really fall in love with the Bible for a lifetime, beyond just listening to it, will be held. Limited slots are available, so register as soon as they open it to the public to join.

“Through distraction and distress, our culture has lost a hopeful, historical biblical worldview—but by the grace of God this podcast has helped thousands rediscover it,” comments Podcast Host, Fr. Mike Schmitz.

He continues: “We’re humbled by testimonials from people of all walks of life who’ve started to apply a biblical worldview to their lives—gaining clarity on God’s will, overcoming addictions, returning to the sacraments or are converting to Catholicism, renewing marriages and relationships—and many more incredible stories.”

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