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Bishop Barron’s Top 5 Books and Movies—In His Own Words

It’s no secret that Bishop Barron is an avid reader, media producer, and film lover. I appreciate his thoughts on all of them, the riches about the Faith in his favorite films open them up in a whole new way. Wondering what his favorites are it didn’t take too long to find a list of his top five books and films.

Top Five Favorite Books (by genre)

I had to dig a little harder to find his favorite movies as he comments on so many films. I found a blogger at Family Theater Productions who had emailed him back in 2016 and requested his top five, and the following five made the list:

A Man For All Seasons, 1966

He did a video so I’ll let him talk about it himself. And then I need to find a copy to watch myself.

The Mission, 1986

This one doesn’t come with a video that I could find, but I did find an article which he wrote for the National Catholic Register on one of the men who played a small role in the film. Here’s the trailer:

The Song of Bernadette, 1943

I couldn’t find a lot on this one either, except an article where it is mentioned by a blogger at word on fire, but I did find the movie on youtube. Also, it’s the very first film to ever receive a golden globe for best picture! Definitely worth a viewing for any lover of film.

It’s a Wonderful Life, 1946

You don’t have to listen or read a lot of Bishop Barron’s work before you hear him use the story line of It’s a Wonderful Life to make a valid point in his message for the day. So it was no surprise to find this masterpiece on his top five list.

Cinderella, 2015

A newer movie made his list! A personal favorite of mine, I love that it made his top five movies. He did video review on it, so I’ll let him explain the reasons he likes this version of the beloved fairytale enough to use it to round up his top favorite films.

To wrap things up, here is an episode of Word On Fire which covers many topics pertaining to movies and where Catholic’s should draw some lines in what they consume. It was very enlightening and good advice to take in while making choices for my own view as well as that of my young and impressionable family: