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More Bones Found at the Vatican Embassy

ITALY – The investigation continues at the Italian Embassy of the Holy See. This week, Italian police found more bones when examining the Holy See territory in an investigative probe.

Preliminary examinations of the bones found last week revealed that the skeleton belonged to a woman in her 30’s, “not an adolescent.”

Up to this point, the news had speculated that the remains were the bodies of either Mirella Gregori or Emanuele Orlandi. Orlandi was the daughter of Ercole Orlandi, an employee of the Institute for the Works of Religion, the Vatican’s private bank.

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Even though the bones found originally don’t match up with the age Orlandi disappeared, her family and lawyers are still waiting for DNA evidence to confirm the identity of the remains.

Multiple theories surround the Orlandi disappearance, including connections to a terrorist group demanding the release of Mehmet Ali Ağca, the Turkish man who shot Pope John Paul II in Saint Peter’s Square on May 13, 1981.

While it looks doubtful that the remains are those of Orlandi, other theorists suspect the girl was held captive for years.

Rome’s chief prosecutor will investigate the latest find. The Vatican maintains that it has and will co-operate fully with the police investigation.