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Before I Was Me: A Children’s Book to Warm Your Heart

When we were children, we would dream about who we could possibly grow up to be. We talk about being a policeman, fireman, a super hero or even an astronaut.  We play “teacher” teaching our class of stuffed animals or “Mass”, even trading off who gets to play the priest.

This is the story of the beautifully written and illustrated book, Before I Was Me, by Frank Fraser.

Fraser begins the book with a conversation between God and an infant soul, talking about what he could possibly become some day.

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Then they have a beautiful conversation of a few of the many possible career paths he can take.

Finally, this infant soul discovers he must first become a child in order to do all he dreamed of.

This is truly beautiful story and engaging images to read to our children, teaching them they can be anything they dream of being, and that God has been and always will be with them. The story ends with the first thing that God said to him:

“You are a very important person whom I will always love.”


Pick up your own copy of Before I Was Me written and illustrated by Frank Fraser.