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This Book Puts Art Back in Touch with the Creator

Do you know what the first five words of the Bible are? In the beginning, God created. In his forthcoming book “Created: Bridging the Gap Between Your Art and Your Creator“, Cory enlisted 50 of the greatest Catholic creatives currently with us to share their five words of inspiration. Each page contains a creative’s words of wisdom drawn up into lovely designs, accompanied by about 300 words by each artist expounding on their first five.

The creatives who contributed to the book include filmmakers, painters, pastors, authors, and many others that span the creative world. Some of these people are relatively lesser known (check out Erica Tighe of Be A Heart Design!), while others are practically Catholic household names (like Christopher West, Bishop Robert Barron, and Jen Fulwiler).

The Kickstarter for the funding of this book was just launched on September 27th, the feast of Mary Stella Maris, and has already surpassed its goal! The project was listed as one of Kickstarter’s “Projects we love”!  The more funding it gets, the more books can be printed and the more truly inspirational artwork and words of wisdom can get into more hands. Check out the fun video Cory made for the launch and be sure to donate.

Check out more from Cory at Likeable Art and on Facebook and Twitter. Cory’s wife Marie is also a contributor to the book and runs her own art shop called Fawnly Prints. Creativity oozes in this family!