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Catholic Back to School Supplies That Aren’t on the School Lists

Besides the normal pencils, paper and backpacks that we normally send kids back to school with, there is a list of Catholic supplies kids should never go to school without.

A morning prayer

Every morning on the way to school, turn off the radio and say a quick prayer over your children. There is nothing more comforting to them to know that mom or dad prayed for their day, and for help on that spelling test.

Image of Jesus

While Catholic schools will have a crucifix in every room, public schools do not. Why not place an image of Jesus in a folder or their pencil bag for your child to be able to look at whenever they need a friendly face.

Rosary Bracelet

Simple and beautiful, it can be something to remind your child to say a quick prayer before that pop quiz or help them out when someone is not being nice to them. These knotted ones are so cool!

Rosary ring

Instead of a fidget gismo, how about a the original Catholic “fidget spinner”, the Rosary ring!

Imagery of the saints

These are absolutely perfect to hang on a backpack zipper or lunch box! Or you can find other saint medals or small crucifixes to attach to coat jackets or even shoe laces.

Actual School Supplies

Kids are always giving and sharing pencils and pens, so why not send extra supplies with a loving message!

Catholic Apps

There are so many Catholic apps and games for the kids, why not download one or two for them to play during Friday Free time.

St. Scholastica

When memorizing those spelling words or trying to figure out how X really does equal Y, we all could use some saintly intercession from the patron saint of students! Here are a few other saints who can also help out academically!


If you have sensitive or scared little one, sometimes just a picture of you in their folder or pencil bag to look at when they feel sad can be enough to get them through the day.