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17 Saints Every Student Needs to Begin the School Year

It’s that time of year again, when teachers ready their classrooms, students groan and try to get in one more ounce of summer fun, and parents trek to stores and malls searching for every last item on those school supplies lists. It’s back to school! Here are
some saints to pray to for a good, productive, smooth school year.


1. St. Thomas Aquinas

He’s the patron of scholars, so he’s obviously the first mentioned on this list.


2. St. Scholastica

Another patroness of students; her name kinda says it all!


3. St. Gemma Galgani

She’s been invoked as a patroness for students because she was such a conscientious and diligent student.


4. St. Aloysius Gonzaga

He’s the patron of young students.


5. St. Ursula

She founded the Ursuline Order which founded schools for the education of Catholic women.


6. St. Gregory the Great

A patron for teachers!


7. St. John Baptist de la Salle

He was keen on improving schools and so it also invoked as a patron of teachers.


8. St. Albert the Great

He’s the patron of science students specifically.


9. St. Francis de Sales

The patron of writing and writing students.


10. St. Catherine of Alexandria

If you’re considering debate team, call on Catherine! She was known for her debating skills.


11. St. Isidore of Seville

He’s the patron of every student’s favorite resource: technology, computers, and the Internet.


12. St. Expeditus

If you struggle with procrastination, call on him to you expedite!


13. St. Joseph Cupertino

He’s the patron of test takers!


14. St. John the Apostle

The Beloved Disciple is called upon to aid in friendships and is the patron of friendship!


15. St. John Berchmans

Invoke him against gossip, either other people talking about you or, even better, to keep you from talking about others!


16. St. Drogo

As the patron of coffee shops- fun places to hang out with your pals- invoke him to help stoke the fire of friendship.


17. St. Veronica

Since she’s invoked as the patroness of photographers (because she received the image of Christ on her cloth when she wiped His face), she’s another good one to invoke for friendships as you snap selfies of you and your friends.