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Catholic Items You See, But Probably Don’t Know The Names Of

Catholics have a word for everything (right?), even for the little items around the church and the ones you’ve seen at Mass. Strengthen your Catholic vernacular by adding these five terms to your vocabulary.



You have probably only seen this one if you’ve stepped foot into the sacristy. There’s a sink that has a drain specially built to go straight into the ground, as opposed to connected with the rest of the church’s plumbing. The name of this drain is the sacrarium. It ensures that any microscopic pieces of the Eucharist left on the ciboria (or other objects) are taken care of properly.



You’ve definitely seen this one around, especially during the Easter season! The Aspergillum is the littler sprinkler with which the Priest blesses the congregation with Holy Water. It comes in many forms.



If you’re sensing this word is a cognate with the last one, you’re right! The Aspersorium is the little bucket of Holy Water the alter server carries behind the priest.




This is another term for the little Holy Water fonts you most likely see immediately upon entering the church. It’s also really fun to say!



If you take a good look around your Church you’ll most definitely find the Ambry. The Ambry is the box where the three Holy Oils are kept.