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How to Keep Your Witness When You’re Not a Morning Person

There are wish lists, Christmas lists, grocery lists, and then there is the I Need This list. This I Need This list is devoted to those of us who struggle in the mornings. Because it’s harder to grump at the world when you are surrounded by inspiration to live your God-given vocation, even in the morning. Here’s some suggestions to help you through the morning process.


Your Alarm


Let’s face it, the only days the kids sleep past 6am are the days you need to be somewhere. Let’s wake up to something inspiring- and at last call, motivating!



The Smartphone


Blessed is She has FREE weekly wallpapers which are gorgeous, inspiring and FREE! While you are signing up for that, check out their daily readings and devotionals (also Free!) you can subscribe to and like me look up and read before your feet hit the floor.


Coffee, Coffee, Coffee


Magic beans exist in more than fairytales, and at Mystic Monk, you can subscribe to have a bag of ground, whole, or decaf seasonal flavors sent right to your door every month. Not a coffee person, skip the next two options, but stick with Mystic Monk, their tea selection is amazing!


Coffee Maker


This shiny beauty is on my wish list. Few things are better than coffee fresh from the press. 17, 34 or 51oz, pick your perfect sized French Press here.


My Best Friend knows how I take my Coffee


Prefer a friend to hand deliver the coffee you don’t have time to make exactly the way you like it, or better yet have it ready so you wake up to the smell of fresh coffee? Say hello to your new bestie and mine, Keurig 2.0.


Shouldn’t we be starting our morning with prayer?


Why yes, yes, we should. While your eyelids open this beautiful mug made by your new bestie will be waiting with inspiration to start a new habit of saying the morning offerings. It’s it gorgeous? Get yours here before they are gone!


Comfy School Drop off worthy clothes?


We’ve all been there, even if we don’t have kids to drop off at school. The good people at And Then There Were None have got you covered- literally!


No Time to Shower?


Dry shampoo to the rescue! Pro tip: use it right after doing your hair for extra volume and before bed for best morning results.


Family Oratory


It doesn’t need to be anything elaborate, put it in a place you will walk by regularly as you take on the world for the day. The Little Oratory is a fantastic book to help you get started!


Positive Vibes from the Radio


Music, talk shows, prayers, podcasts- find your favorites and keep it on your preset options. Now that’s the kind of thing you don’t mind hearing being repeated from the backseat!


Don’t let Bedhead keep you from daily Mass!


A bad case of bedhead shouldn’t be what keeps us from Mass. Head over to Peter’s Square and take a look at all the exquisite veils, and who knows, maybe you’ll find this is a tradition so beautiful and meaningful you’ll continue it even on the best hair days.


If All Else Fails


Offer your morning for the benefit of others. Get this framed print here.