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8 Catholic Podcasts to Listen to in the New Year

A new year has begun and with all of the resolutions that will be made (or broken), one to keep you going is: listen to more Catholic podcasts! Here are 8 Catholic podcasts to listen to in the new year (and here’s a smorgasbord of others, too!).


1. Forte Catholic with Taylor Schroll 

The goal of this podcast is “to inspire, uplift, and share the Good News in a way that will help you take the next step in your faith, no matter where you are on your journey with God”. Taylor has hosted many awesome guests, as well, including Steve Pokorny of Freedom Coaching, Timothy Reckart, director of new Christmas movie “The Star”, and others. Listen on iTunes. Find other ways to listen here.


2.The Coaster

…because every good conversation happens around a coaster! This is a podcast that talks about daily life and the secular world at large and just happens to be Catholic. This podcast is also pretty new with under 30 episodes released so far but already they’re diving right into having guests on the show (like Tommy Tighe the Catholic Hipster and Sarah Vabulas the Catholic Drinkie) and livestreams (their Christmas livestream on Facebook was fun, informative, and sometimes downright silly!). But these guys take their podcast and the faith seriously, trying to create good Catholic media that’s accessible to anyone on any part of their journey or even of any faith. They see themselves as the greeters at the doors of the Church, inviting people to come further in– and they accomplish it! Look forward to more livestreams, podcasts on location, and maybe even some big guests in this new year from them! Listen on iTunes or find other ways to listen here.


3. Taylor Marshall Catholic Show

Catholic author Dr. Taylor Marshall’s podcast is delightfully informative and full of energy. He provides tips and lessons on how to have a life full of meaning, hope, and encouragement through the message of Our Lord Jesus Christ. drawing from the Bible, the Church Fathers, and Medieval Philosophy. This was one of the most mentioned podcasts in the comments on our last podcast recommendation list! Listen on iTunes or find other ways to listen here.


4. The Catholic Feminist

A podcast for “Jesus-loving women who want to be inspired, involved, and intentional”, this podcast talks with different women each week who are tackling the big issues of the faith. Covering topics like postpartum depression, infertility, adoption, human trafficking, politics, grief, and why to not be afraid of the word “feminist”, this podcast is a must. Listen on iTunes and find show-notes and other ways to listen here.


5. Fr.  Mike Schmitz

Another podcast that got many mentions in the comments section of our last list of podcast recommendations, Fr. Mike Schmitz delivers commentary on faith, pop culture, and recent headlines. Another podcast that’s not to be missed! Listen on iTunes or Soundcloud.


6. Integrity Restored

In his podcast, Matt Fradd helps people overcome porn addiction and learn how to live pornography-free. He often talks with professionals in fields ranging from counseling and psychology to Catholic ministry about different effects and parts of porn addiction and how to free yourself from it. He also talks pop culture and its negative or positive impacts in regards to a porn-filled society (Game of Thrones, anyone?). Even if you’ve never faced a porn addiction or don’t know someone who has (although you probably do and just don’t know it), Matt’s podcast is a great way to see this culture for what it is and safeguard yourself and loved ones against it. Listen on iTunes or find other ways to listen here.


7. Catholic Creatives 

This podcast came out of a collective of Catholic artists who formed a community to support each other, bounce ideas off of each other, and all around help each other become better at their crafts. Each week they talk to another Catholic who is disrupting an industry with their art. Guests have included Matt Pinto, founder of Ascension Press, Cory Heimann of Likable Art, Benji Vega of Pyro, a branding agency whose client list includes Lucas Arts, and many others! If you’ve ever wondered what the Catholic creative world looks like, how to be a Catholic artist in the secular world, or how to break into your field of art, give this podcast a listen! Listen on iTunes or find other ways to listen here.


8. Pray As You Go

Pray as you go is a daily prayer session, designed to go with you wherever you go, to help you pray whenever you find time, but particularly while travelling to and from work, study, or whatever it is you find yourself doing throughout the day. This podcast brings together music, a passage of scripture, and a few questions for personal reflection in a new 10-13 minute prayer session. Listen on iTunes or find other ways to listen here.


Hopefully, from this list you can find a new podcast to enrich your faith life in this new year. Happy listening!