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Remember These Hilarious Catholic Salutations Immediately!

Choosing the right salutation can be a chore. How do you end a letter properly and with the right effect? I would like to suggest the following salutations as sign-offs that not only will convey your meaning, but also show your faith in a fun and unassuming way.

Whatever form of communication you choose, be smart and choose these fun salutations! You may even get a laugh or *gasp* even a hand-written response back from your correspondent. Put these in you back pocket for use:


“Gone like the Apostles at Gethsemane”


“Splitting like the bread at the Last Supper”


“Parting like the Red Sea”


“Word to Our Mother”

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“Out like the Hebrews from Egypt”


“Out like Adam and Eve”


“Gone like land in the Flood”


“Gone like leprosy after a miracle”


“Jabbering away like Babel”

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“I’m out like a heresy”


“Gone like a missionary”


“Rockin’ out like Peter”


“Out like Jonah from the whale”


“Off like a bad habit”

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“Out like a demon after an exorcism”


“Gone like sin after confession”


“Out like a menorah after Hanukkah”


“Away like the young rich man”


“Out like the unprepared virgins’ oil lamps”

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“Gone like meat during Fridays in Lent”


“Gone like the dirty water after Jesus washed His disciples’ feet”


“Out like Jesus from the tabernacle on Good Friday”


“Gone like the Body from the Tomb”

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Have any suggestions to add? Place them in the comments section. I’m out like a heresy!