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The Catholic Tinder Has Arrived—and it’s Pretty Cool

I don’t know if it is because of a certain article I wrote or some random selection process marketing executives devised, but I was recently followed on Twitter by @CKissApp which is the Twitter handle of a new dating app for Catholics. In Everything Wrong with the Catholic Dating Scene, I expressed my disappointment in Catholic Match and Ave Maria Singles and revealed I had a more positive opinion of Tinder than those two sites. So, I decided to check this app out and see if it was worth my time.



As I have ranted before, one of the great failings of Catholic Match and Ave Maria Singles is the ridiculous fee you have to pay to use their site. CKiss is free. ‘Nuff said



One of the things I find appealing about Tinder is the swiping. It is a no-nonsense way one can express interest in a potential date. On CKiss, you can do the old-fashioned search through various profiles, OR you can go to the “Browse” tab at the bottom of the screen and hit “Spark” to start swiping through profiles.

The one weird thing about this features, aside from the roundabout way one finds this feature, is the limit CKiss places on your swiping. You are given six sets of eight individuals on whom you can swipe right or left before being mandated to take a 30-minute break from swiping. That is odd. However, it could be a way for CKiss to monetize their app. Don’t you go there, CKiss. DON’T. YOU. GO. THERE.


More In-Depth Profile Than Tinder

While Tinder has made reviewing potential dates simpler with swiping, it has failed in the department of allowing a user to have a decent amount of information about the person on whom they are swiping. CKiss has a more in-depth profile, allowing the user to avoid the temptation of objectifying the other users.


No Apple Watch App

I have an Apple Watch. I like using it to avoid digging my phone out of my pocket. I like it when apps are compatible with the Apple Watch. This app, sadly, is not.


Small Number of Users

At this time there are not many people on CKiss. BUUUUUT, that can change. You can help CKiss get more users by downloading the app. What is the worst thing that can happen? Worst case scenario: You remain single. Best case scenario: You meet your future spouse. Darn, that would suck.

Why not? See what happens. Ditch Catholic Match and Ave Maria Singles, and download the app, especially if you live in the Sioux Falls, SD area, he wrote with no ulterior motive whatsoever.