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Discover These Underutilized Catholic Websites and Resources!

There is a plethora of good Catholic websites and resources available through digital means. If you need a prayer request, you can send one through Twitter or any Facebook group you’re a part of. When you need to access prayers, you can either search online for the specific prayer you’re looking for or you can download an app to use.

However, sometimes we need a little some more than apps and (secular) social media.

This list was compiled for those who want access to something that will allow Catholics to immerse themselves in good, solid Catholic content without the fear of internet trolls or other objectionable content we often see online.


1. Adorecast

Have you ever had an intense urge to go to Adoration but don’t have the time to make the drive? Ever wanted to spend time in prayer in front of the Blessed Sacrament but were too sick to get out of bed? Have you ever felt so overwhelmed that you wish you could sneak some solo time, just you and the Lord?

Adorecast has you covered. Adorecast is a live video of Perpetual Adoration streaming from Our Lady of Sorrows Church in Birmingham, Alabama.

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There are several other streams of live perpetual adoration on YouTube as well, but this has been one of the best and most consistent live feeds available.


2. Awestruck

A Catholic social media website akin to Facebook and Twitter? Awestruck is the social media site for you!

You can join groups according to your interests and devotions. If you think the groups are limited to solely Catholic topics, you would be mistaken. While the majority of the groups are linked to Catholicism, there are groups for topics such as technology and different genres of music. You can even share videos, links, and pictures on your profile/stream.

While non-Catholics may join, the website asks those who sign up to please respect the rules and the Catholic beliefs of the majority of its users.


3. Come, Pray the Rosary 

This website is available 24/7 for those who wish to pray the Rosary online. The site audio is in English, but the subtitles are available in both English or Spanish. You can choose how to pray it – either in “worldwide” mode or “individual” mode.

You can choose whether you want the images displayed to be that of the Holy Land or of the inside of Saint Paschal Baylon Catholic Church in Thousand Oaks, California.

At the bottom of the site there is a counter that shows how many people are currently praying the Rosary along with you, so you know you’re never alone whilst praying.


4. EWTN Bookmark 

Late last year, EWTN launched its Bookmark web-page where Catholics can catch up on missed episodes of their favorite shows. Uploaded are the Daily Mass videos (the Gospel and homily portions), some of the viewers’ favorites (such as Mother Angelica Live, The Journey Home, At Home with Jim and Joy, etc), and even videos of Spanish shows aired on EWTN en Español.

This is the perfect option for those who like EWTN’s programming but are unable to access it on their TVs. Likewise, you can always stream their live feed if you wish to do so.



Have you ever wish you could find a Catholic website where there were movies that didn’t have questionable content? Enter, FORMED. Not only does this website have solid videos, they also have study materials, audio-books, and books to read.

Think of it as a sort of Netflix meets Amazon Kindle Unlimited. While the selection isn’t as wide as it is on secular sites, the list of available content keeps growing. Bonus: they also have a good selection in Spanish.

Whether you’ve accessed these websites before or are just discovering it, these underutilized resources will help strengthen your spiritual lives for the better.