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Your Children Will Love These Three Books About Jesus and the Faith

As a Catholic father of four young children it is my biggest hope that the Catholic Faith will be kindled in the hearts and minds of my children. They mean everything to me, and so does my faith. Naturally, the two intersect, so I’m always keeping my eyes open for the best books and materials to help them learn about Jesus and the Faith. And I’ve recently acquired three more EXCELLENT books from Magnificat that all parents should buy.


My Picture Book of the Catholic Faith

This book from Ignatius Press is beautifully illustrated. With the help of this book, my children learn about their Catholic faith through Bible stories.

The book also expands to explain the seven sacraments, and also introduces the little ones to Christian living in a journey of faith that comes alive in colorful pictures and simple words.

Take a look at this:

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Who is Jesus?

Is there any more important question in life? As the kids learn about Jesus, they get to know him as well—the most important thing we can do for our children.

I love this book because it answers so many of the kid-type questions they already ask: Who were Jesus’ grandparents? What was his house like? What did Jesus’ disciples wear, and what did they eat? What did the Jerusalem Temple look like? What kind of fish did Peter catch in the Sea of Galilee? How did people pray back then? All their questions are answered. It’s another great title for kids from Ignatius Press.

Here’s a look (again, the artist did a superb job!):


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Jesus Stories from the Bible

This book is an imaginative adventure of the stories told about Jesus from the New Testament and they will captivate a child’s heart and stir a desire to know more. 

The book covers: The Birth of Jesus, In the Jerusalem Temple, The Calling of the Disciples, Jesus Heals, and From Death to Life. Again, Ignatius Press wins for best in kids books!


Check it out:

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