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Children’s Book Brings the Times of Jesus to Life

Jesus lived a long time ago and it can sometimes be hard to relate to His circumstances and time period since it is so very different from our own! It can be especially hard for children to understand, since children rely on images and their senses to make sense of the world even more than adults do.

Magnificat has a new children’s book to aid in this.

In their book Who is Jesus? His Life, His Land, His Time, authors Gaëlle Tertrais and Adeline Avril bring the life and times of Jesus to life with explanations and beautiful color illustrations. Their aim is to provide a better background of the times Jesus lived in so that children can better appreciate the stories of the Bible. Tertrais and Avril succeed!

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Tackling such questions as: “What kind of fish did Peter catch?”, “Who was Herod?”, “What is the difference between the Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, and Zealots?”, and more, this book generously goes over all relevant information in a fun, beautiful, and informative way.

Even adults will gain a greater understanding and appreciation of Bible stories after reading this book!

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Here’s a peak inside the book: 

Who is Jesus? His Life, His Land, His Time is recommended for children ages 9 and up. Do not miss out on this amazing, beautiful book! Order your copy from Magnificat today!