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Five Books that Encourage Children to Love the Faith

Magnificat-Ignatius books are always books I do a happy dance for when they arrive in the mail, because I just know my boys, husband and I are going to love them. Even the ones that aren’t specifically for their age group – they just love them all!

Here are the latest five we have added to our personal library (plus a few bonus books from my wish list).


1. Baptism Day

Baptism Day is from the First Steps in Faith series that I adore almost as much as my kids. A beautiful board book taking us inside the baptism of baby Leo. Full of quotes from the baptism ceremony which can prompt all kinds of topics for us as well as beautiful illustrations from the correlating part in the ceremony. I wish I would have had this book prior to our last son’s baptism for his older brothers. This book would have brought the sacrament a little more to life for them. I plan on keeping this one handy so that when we have the opportunity to witness future baptisms, we can bring it with and they can follow along excitedly. My boy’s favorite picture is of baby Leo reaching towards the lit candles. Get your copy by clicking here.


2. Hail Mary

Hail Mary is also from the First Steps in Faith series, and holds a special place in my heart – and we haven’t even had it a full week! The entire Hail Mary is within the pages, each page an appropriate Biblical portrait of her life and how she filled and we can trust she will continue filling her role as the handmaiden of God, chosen to be the Mother of Christ and to us all.  “Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with thee” opens to a picture of Gabriel  coming to Mary with a dove in the background signifying the Holy Spirits presence. “Blessed art thou among women” finds Mary being joyously greeted by her cousin Elizabeth with Zechariah in the background studying a scroll. The Nativity, the dedication of Jesus at the temple by Mary and Joseph, and Mary surrounded by children follow in vibrant, joyful and peaceful color. This book is one that is now displayed on our family oratory right next to the kids rosaries should they feel so inspired. Click Here to purchase your copy.

For other books in this series, click here to read a review for The Christmas Star, and two that are still on my personal wishlist unreviewed to date: Our Father and Christmas.


3. My Prayer Book

My Prayer Book is lovely, there isn’t another word for it. In fact, while it’s beautiful illustrations and simplicity would hold the interest of a child, it would be a beautiful addition to the library of teens and adults.

Check out the page of contents:

I’m super excited to begin reading this as a part of our homeschooling is to set up personal little oratorios for our kids- and that’s included in “Where to pray” in the explanation of why, where, how, and different types of prayers.

I mean, I would buy this book for these two pages alone!

“Great Prayers of the Church” has the full versions of prayers that I am hoping to memorize with the boys- especially as it will help them more fully participate in the mass the more they memorize of it.

For those who are wanting to include the liturgical calendar in their lives, “Prayers for the Whole Year” is the perfect place to start!

This past Lent, I began working to do the morning and evening offerings myself and a full rosary throughout the day with the kids. They loved what I included them in! I’m excited to start doing the prayers under the “Prayers for Every Day” with them, especially when they wake up early and want to join me I’ll have the morning prayer that’s more on their level to turn to.

Last but not least, I plan to use the “Prayers to Love Jesus” for when we are praying after receiving the Eucharist at Church and during adoration. I am so excited to see how these seeds we are planting for a solid prayer life begin baring fruit in our family life. Click here to get your personal/family copy.

4. The Catholic Faith From A to Z

The Catholic Faith From A to Z “Fifty-two words, from Advent to Zeal, that every Catholic child should know are thoroughly yet simply explained with suggestions on how to apply them to everyday life.”

It’s no surprise to see a blank stare or questioning look when someone steps into the Church or a Bible study for the first time to hear those of us who have been a part of the Catholic Church for a while sling around words like, “Advent” “Sacraments” and Pilgrimage.” Misunderstandings can crop up – such as what is the difference between “Ascension” vs “Assumption”? Or they think they know what we mean when we say “Marriage”, “Pilgrimage”, or even “Godparents”, but come to find that their definition is a blurry reflection of what we actually speak.

This book will not only educate you and your child, but will also prepare them to answer questions well and evangelize to those around them in their sphere of influence. Filled with ideas for putting what they learn into action, how to learn more on specific subjects, Bible verses and the quality illustrations we have come to expect from Magnificat-Ignatius, this will be a great learning tool in your personal and church’s library.

Click here for your own copy.


5. The Adventures of Loupio, Volume 4

The Adventures of Loupio is new to me. In comic book format, this is the fourth volume in the series about a boy who is friends with Saint Francis of Assisi. Knights, wolves, thieves, bears, watchmen, and castles are found throughout the six tales.

When seeing my stack of books, my five year old immediately pulled this one from the bottom and couldn’t put it down! And I can’t blame him, just glancing through and reading one of the tales was enough to make me see why this series has won awards! Take a look at the full color illustrations:

We will for sure be getting the first three volumes as future Christmas gifts, and keep them in mind for future gifts. Recommended ages 7 and up, but my five year olds interest even made my three year old curious and excited for the stories.

Click the following links to find all four in this exciting series:

Vol 1, The Encounter

Vol 2, The Hunters

Vol 3, The Tournament

Vol 4, The Inn