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Chosen, This Is Your Catholic Faith

Energetic, fun, deep, and award winning, the Chosen program helps teens to fall in love with the Faith and claim it as their own. Whether you know a teen (or group) that’s on the way to confirmation, or is just wanting to fall deeper in love with their Catholicity, this is the program your parish and family needs.

Videos, workbooks, parent and leaders guides help get the viewer there. This program has taken every medium into play to make this an enriching experience for your teens and the families of the teens to grow in their faith formation together.

Featuring twelve of the top youth experts in the church, you and your teen will find the message and materials captivating. In twenty-four captivating lessons and in more than fifty locations around the globe, they cover salvation history from creation forward, the sacraments, discipleship, scripture, catechesis, evangelization, and so much more. Suffice it to say that a ton of development, preparation, and production went into creating this outstanding volume.

Personally, the workbooks drew me in (can’t say that’s ever happened before), outlining the lessons and giving students a personal challenge to practically implement what they are learning, dive into scripture, and take notes, learn about a saint or “hero of the week”, work pages, and an article breaking it up in the style of a colorful, well written magazine.

I was excited to see there are not only leader guides and video included, but also one for the parents and another for the sponsor (who else does that?), inviting them to take an active role in the formation of faith in practical ways.

In fact, as I have been going over the lessons, I was struck that this would also be great for godparents to do alongside their godchildren when the time comes! I know it inspired me in new ways I can play an active role in my own godson’s journey in the faith.

I am on the final lessons, now, and I can say this is the single strongest teen faith formation tool available. Two thumbs way up to ascension press and the creators of this fantastic curriculum to reach our teens (and their families) in a way that will “win over the hearts of teens and making them lifelong disciples of Christ.”

Enjoy the trailer, and encourage your parish grab this amazing resource today! Click here for the link to download an online preview and/or purchase your parish’s copy today!