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Click Here to Find the Examination of Conscience That’s Right For You

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When preparing to encounter the Lord in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, it is imperative that we examine our consciences.B y now you may have yours already memorized, or you may not have found one that works best for you. Regardless, here are some examinations of conscience to check out, they may just bring something new to your attention.


1. Examination of Conscience based on the Ten Commandments

This one is on the USCCB website. It is the most common examination found in churches, so it may be already familiar to you. But it never hurts to read a new rendition of it. Click here to try this one.


2. Examination of Conscience in light of Catholic Social Teaching

You know how, in the Confiteor, we ask for forgiveness for what we have done and what we have failed to do? This examination of conscience illuminates some of the areas where we may fail to act as we are called to act as Catholics. Click here to use this examine


3. Examination of Conscience based on the Beatitutdes

If you’ve ever studied how amazing the Beatitudes are, then this examination of conscience may be your jam! This one asks poignant questions rooted in the Beatitudes Jesus gave in the Sermon on the Mount. Check it out by clicking here.


4. Examination of Conscience for Social Media Users

Many examinations of conscience are filled with wisdom of old, which means they can at times leave out good questions for the average modern person’s media consumption. This examination sets out to really hone in on those gaps. It tries to illuminate to us where, due to our social media use, we could use some healing, forgiveness and purification. Click here to reflect with this examine.


5. Examination of Conscience based on the Seven Deadly Sins

This examination tries to get at the “root sin” by grouping the questions into the categories of the Seven Deadly Sins. By understanding how many of your sins fall under one of the seven deadly sins, you may be able to better understand yourself and some of your failings. This could help you turn to the Lord for healing and mercy in a more specific way. Try this one by clicking here.


6.  Examination of Conscience rooted in the Stations of the Cross

Have you ever wanted to reflect on your own sins while also contemplating the mystery of the Passion of Christ? Lucky for you, you can do both with this examination. You may find it to be helpful to put sins in the context of the Paschal Mystery. To use this examine, click here.


7. Examination of Conscience based on the Fruits of the Spirit

The USCCB asks that any examination we use be rooted in scripture. This one is rooted in Galatians 5. The bonus of choosing this examination is that you will also gain some insight as to which fruit of the Spirit to ask the Holy Spirit to unleash in you. To reflect using this examination, click here.


8.  Examination of Conscience based on works of mercy

With the Year of Mercy just recently behind us, it may be a good time to turn to this examination. This examine looks at the corporal works of mercy to see if where we may need to ask for forgiveness and healing. Click here to try it out.


9. Examination of Conscience for your state in life

Whether you are married, single, a priest or consecrated religious there are examinations that speak to your state in life. There are also examinations specific to gender and age. A specific examination of conscience that is made for people of your own age and in your vocation may be very beneficial to you, and the most eye-opening. Click here to see a list of some of the state in life based examinations the USCCB offers.