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8 Re-Purposed Halloween Costumes That Make All Saints Day Easy

Struggling to think of a costume this year, or all out of crafting energy?

Check out these eight costumes that you can find in any Halloween aisle (or your kids’ closet!) to make All Saints Day a breeze this year.


1. Knight costumes

Many saints lived out holy lives as knights. Some of our favorites include Saint George, Saint Martin, Blessed Gerard Tonque, and Saint Ignatius.

Knight costumes also are perfect for kids who want to dress up as Saint Michael the Archangel, known for his powerful fight against Satan.

Have a daughter who wants to carry a sword? Saint Joan of Arc is an incredible example of a woman who believed completely in the sacred mission of the French army.


2. Medieval royalty costume

A plethora of saints lived in the Middle Ages. Boys may find saints they like in the stories of Saint Louis IX of France, Saint Edward the Confessor, or Saint Stephen I of Hungary.

Meanwhile, girls can use queen or princess costumes for saints like Saint Elizabeth of Portugal, Saint Adelaide of Italy, or Saint Margaret of Scotland.


3. Doctor costume

Have a little one who adores Doc McStuffins or who’s obsessed with carrying around their doctor’s kit? Re-purpose their doctor costume for Saint Gianna Beretta Molla, Saint Luke, Saint Rene Groupil, or Venerable Marcello Labor!


4. Nun costume

Surprisingly not too hard to find in the Halloween aisle, nun costumes offer an endless amount of opportunities for costumes for All Saints Day.

You’ll more than likely find a black habit in the costume aisle. Chanel Saint Rita, Saint Scholastica, Saint Hildegard of Bingen, or Saint Wulfhilda of Barking.


5. Angel costume 

Utilize those angel wings for Gabriel, Michael, or Raphael.¬†Don’t have a particular devotion to any of the Archangels? Angel costumes can also be used for any of the nine choirs of angels, like the Seraphim ad the Principalities.


6. Native American costume

Although it may be meant for dressing up as Pocahontas, Native American costumes could easily be great costumes for Saint Kateri Tekawitha, the first ever Native American saint to be canonized in the Roman Catholic Church.


7. Monk costume

Just like nun costumes, there are no shortages when it comes to saints who were lived out holy, monastic life. Check out the stories of Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Martin de Porres, Saint Peter Damian, and Saint Anthony.


8. No costume, just regular clothes

Couldn’t make it the Halloween aisle and scrambling for All Saint Day inspiration the night before the event? No sweat.

You can easily assemble costumes for a young Saint Pope John Paul II, complete with hipster sunglasses and a black beret.

Scarves can be turned into the Blessed Mother’s mantle, fishing gear can be used for Peter, and leftover Christmas decorations can make great Saint Nicholas costumes.

Modern saints who lived in our generation make for easy costume inspiration, too. Blessed Stanley Rother entered his Heavenly reward in 1981, and Blessed Chiara Badano passed away in Italy in 1990.