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Crazy Things Only Catholic Kids Do

Children are wonderful, embarrassing, adorable, innocent, honest to a fault. They can have you laughing for years over the things they have done that have made you hide behind your missal at church out of embarrassment or regaining composure from a fit of giggles. Here are some of our favorite moments from the writers here at EpicPew.


Blessing themselves at a public fountain or even the splash park.

Bow before Sitting

Genuflecting before getting into the booth at a restaurant

Rebuking Their Siblings

Throwing salt at their sibling and rebuking Satan loudly. Totally normal public dinning behavior, right?

Weird Competitions

Competing to see who can flip to the readings fastest and celebrating loudly if they win.

Favorite Tunes

Cheering when their favorite hymn starts up, and belting it loud enough that the choir can hear.

The Best Role Models

Throwing towels over their heads and shouting that they’re “Mama Mary”!

Jesus Loves You

When you do something foolish (like accidently spilling something or making a mistake) and they put a hand on you saying, “It’s okay, Mama, Jesus loves you.”

Pretend Play includes the most Important Part of the Week

Asking for bowls, cups, and towels to say Mass at home.

They See Spiritual Realities Everywhere

My kids were playing with 4th of July themed rainbow rice and I mentioned they could mix it together to look like fireworks. My son informs me that “it would actually look like the divine mercy”

Letting Their Presence Be Known at Church

Two or three kids slam down kneelers on a wooden floor in the same pew during a silent moment.

Crossing Themselves in the Wrong Places, Still A Blessing!

Blessing themselves when driving by their school because they forgot it wasn’t Church, whoopsies!

Racing to Light the Most Candles… with Reverence

Last to light candles as altar server is a rotten egg!

Death by Psalm Swords

My favorite is how every single year, Palm branches for Palm Sunday become swords, lightsabers, and arrows to defend themselves against the dark forces of… their siblings.

Be encouraged, they are paying attention and they are learning… even if it’s not all quite there yet!

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