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The Time I Dreamed of Blessed Mother Teresa

The following is an account of a dream I had of Blessed Mother Teresa. This is in no way meant to be taken as an interpretation of anything, nor is it meant to make me look like some sort of mystic. LOL. That is a funny concept. Anyway, I just want to share a really cool dream I had and I encourage you to consult the Church’s teaching on dreams.


The dream I had was very vivid and very random.  There I was, sitting in some large wooden chair, almost like a throne.  It was the type of chair that made me sit with my arms about eye level next my head.  The room was dark, save for some red and green light on the walls which seemed to shine from nowhere.

Surrounding me were strange figures standing and sitting in the darkness, whispering to one another and looking at me. I felt scared and ill, and I wanted to get up and leave, but for some reason I could not move.  I knew something evil was holding me there in place, something keeping me prisoner.  I felt as though I had been drugged and I had a sense that something bad was about to happen to me.

On my left some creature was pulling on my watch, as if it wanted to steal to it, but all I could do was look on helplessly.  Just as I began to lose all hope and accept my pending doom, a bright white light shot forth from a room ahead of me.  The room stood at the top of several stairs and as I looked up I saw the silhouette of a small person.  The light filled the darkness around me and the dark figures ran away in fear.  The silhouette began walking down the stairs toward me and the fear I felt inside began to subside.  I was able to see that the person walking towards me was a woman wearing a white nuns habit.  I could not see her face entirely because the light was so intense, but I could tell she was young and had beautiful brown skin and a pronounced nose.

The woman was very short and slender, and she stood before me with her hands out in front in a praying position.  The creature on my left began tugging at my watch in a panic.  The woman then spoke to me, not audibly, but in my mind and my soul.  She said, “My child, it will be all right. Give me your hand.”  She took my right hand into both her hands and held it for a while.  I felt an overwhelming peace fill me and the creature that had been tormenting me vanished. The woman’s voice then said, “Pray to me.” At that point I woke up and felt the Holy Spirit within me. I sat up and felt life inside me I had never felt before! I wanted to wake up my wife who was asleep next to me and tell her what I had just dreamt, but I could not find the words.  I laid back down and began to wonder why Mother Teresa came to me.

To do this day I do not try to look too much into the dream because the Church cautions us against this practice, but I do hold it to have some significance. Perhaps Mother Teresa was calling me to have a devotion to her and trust her intercession, which I have been doing since.  Or maybe the dream was just a result of something I read or watched, which accounts for most dreams I have.  Either way, I wanted to share this dream with you as we draw closer to Mother Teresa’s canonization on September 4th.  She was a great servant here on Earth and she will be an even greater saint.


The morning following my dream I Googled pictures of young Mother Teresa and found what closely resembled the woman in my dream. Here it is below.

Mother Teresa Young (2)

Blessed Mother Teresa, if that was you truly calling to me in that dream, I thank you! Please pray for me!

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