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Easter Things Only Catholics Do and Say

“He is Risen!” That phrase is splashed all over social media and church signboards. After the trials of Lent, Catholics are ready for the Easter season! Read on for some uniquely Catholic aspects of Eastertide!

1. “We are the Easter People

Attributed to Pope St. John Paul II, are you even really Catholic if you don’t share at least one meme or graphic with this now iconic phrase on it during the Easter octave?

2. Taking allergy medicine before Easter Mass

Whether it is the gratuitous use of incense on Easter Sunday or the overpowering aroma of hyacinths, lilies, and potting soil, it isn’t uncommon for Catholics to “pregame” an Easter liturgy with an allergy pill!

3. Meat Friday!

After 40 days of fasting and maintaining strict abstinence from meat on Fridays, the “meat Friday” within the octave of Easter is a cause for extra celebration (and maybe extra bacon!). It is true that Catholics are to observe abstinence from meat on all Fridays of the year UNLESS they choose a comparable sacrifice instead; however, on meat Fridays, this penance is lifted.

4. Fifty days of celebration

{PD} Noël Coypel – http://www.1st-art-gallery.com/Noel-Coypel/The-Resurrection-Of-Christ,-1700.html

After forty days of penance, now it is time to party! Catholics love to celebrate, and it is only appropriate that the celebrating after the Resurrection is longer than the time of sorrow and sacrificing proceeding it! Our Lord is alive and has conquered death – rejoice! 5. Divine Mercy Sunday

{PD} Eugeniusz Kazimirowski – cisza2.krakow.dominikanie.pl

The Sunday after Easter Sunday, which was traditionally called “Low Sunday” and celebrated the institution of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, has, in recent years, become referred to as “Divine Mercy Sunday.” According to private revelation promulgated first by Pope St. John Paul II, Our Lord spoke to St. Faustina Kowalska and requested that a special image of Himself be placed in every Church and that the Sunday after Easter be commemorated as a day when He pours out His grace and mercy on the world in a special way. There are special devotions and a plenary indulgence available under certain conditions. To learn more visit THIS LINK.

6. Getting ‘your pew’ back

It is no secret that churches are jam-packed on Palm Sunday and Easter. Visiting family and friends, catechumens and candidates entering the Church, and families that normally “split masses” with little ones all vie for the limited pew space. This tends to displace those who have “their spots” and “their pews” – the places where they always sit! While most Catholics are good at sharing the space and are happy to have a packed church, after Easter many are glad to get ‘their pew’ back.

7. The annual family picture

Poor lighting, tired parents, and sugared up children are no reason to forgo the annual tradition of grabbing that Easter picture in Church, possibly in front of the flowers that made you pregame with that allergy pill!

Happy Easter from Epic Pew! Tell us what you would add to this list in the combox!

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