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Easy On the Frosting!


I’m sitting at the kitchen table going over the day’s schedule and my eyes fall on a Cinnabon box my husband had picked up. It reads, “Life needs frosting.” Ha, I think, I like frosting, sure. Who doesn’t like frosting, a little sweetness over a tasty dessert?

Then I start to think of how much we (speaking for first-world Americans here) love to “frost” things in our lives. We like to sweeten things to our tastes. I must, at this very moment, have about twelve types of desserts in the house. We love our treats, our comforts, and we strive to keep ourselves satisfied. One Amazon box after another, we always want more. So, I’m thinking the line is cute but do we coat too much these days?

More Frosting

The world is always selling us some new product that we need. We always have a house project because let’s face it, we’re always trying to improve something. In this never-ending rat race, we spend thousands and thousands on making ourselves and our families “happy” through gifts and food and entertainment. We binge on food, toys, clothes, shows — it’s literally “binge-watching” — and we continue.

How many Christmases have you made simple with just family time and maybe one gift from the heart or of necessity? How were your bills in January? Or how much time and money do you spend on vacation planning? Maybe you do well, but look around you. The world is filled with greed, even if some feel it’s well intended. They buy for their kids and family and neighbors because they’re generous, but there’s something else to consider.

Too Much Frosting

Proverbs 27:20 says, “the eyes of mortals can never be satisfied.”

It’s true; we see and we want. We find delight like little children when a new i-thing comes along that’s just right for us. It’s true that we eat with our eyes. Blessed is the one who craves little, finds the simple life, and delights in small things. We are overwhelmed with things, entertainment, even information. How long can this go on before we’re so smothered that we lose sight of the One who provides all?

“Find your delight in the LORD who will give you your heart’s desire.”

Psalm 37:4

Just Right

Ultimately, we come to an end in this life and face our Lord and Creator. We will either know him because we have stayed close to him, or we will have forgotten him amidst the desires of this world. Lord only knows how it will go but you can bet one option is better on the journey to heaven. We need to be careful to not let the trends and temptations of the world around us sweep us away.

Now, don’t think this means you can’t have sweets or enjoy your favorite shows. That new room won’t build itself and some clothes need replacing. But just consider things before allowing it all to sweep you away. Always keep God first in your heart. We should be conservative and patient as we navigate this world. After all, we have a bigger and better world ahead. In that world, you’ll have all the frosting you can eat.

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