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Evangelizing Is a Lot Easier Than People Think

As Catholics, evangelization is a call to spread the good news of our faith through word, deed, and prayer. The call to preach the gospel throughout our lives is not just for clergy; it is for all of us. Jesus, through his word, has instructed us to live our faith and to share it. Below are simple ways to evangelize that do not take a great deal of effort. What is required is prayer and guidance by the Holy Spirit in sharing the gospel.

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Develop your faith

The most important and valuable thing to do in order to evangelize is first know and love your own faith. Make learning more about your faith a priority of life each day through reading, reflecting, and praying. Go to Mass weekly, and be attentive to the readings at Mass. If you aren’t attending daily Mass, consider adding an extra Mass one or two days a week if able. Attending Eucharistic Adoration to adore Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament is another way to grow deeper in faith, hope and love.

Be a giver

It has often been said that in life “there are givers, and there are takers.” The mentality of this statement is in reference to the mind-set of various people who cross our paths. Some people have an outlook on life that the world owes them, and they look to get as much from people, places, and things as they possibly can. On the other side of the coin are those who live a life of generosity in the way they interact with others and in the manner in which they live daily. Most of us know people who tend to fall in one category or the other. As a “giver,” we are modeling after Christ through our life, faith, and mission. Finding ways to listen more to others and to be sacrificial with our time, we can also become more giving. Doing so is a way to be an evangelizer.

Make prayer a priority

Prayer is how we communicate with the Lord and how he communicates to us. Prayer is the most important activity of our entire lives. Without prayer, we cannot grow in the spiritual life. It is our life-breathe. Pray at all times, and trust God in your life in every situation. Wake up in the morning ready to serve and rooted in prayer. Prayer is also the number one method of evangelization because without it, nothing will happen according to God’s will and plan. Think of prayer as a top priority every day. This is the beginning of the greatest step in active evangelization in life!

Developing your faith first, becoming a “giver,” and making prayer a priority are simple ways to evangelize. These steps do not require any complicated evangelical programs or an abundance of time and effort in order to make a difference. God has given us people to get to know, to love, and to serve. Let us go forth to evangelize in these basic ways in order to build the kingdom of God.

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