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Even MORE Lame Pro-Choice Signs

Just in case you are wondering, this is a sequel to another article I did called, 12 Lame Pro-Choice SignsOne of these days I am going to have to approach one of these sign holders and ask them what they are trying to say with their sign. Some are obvious, some bizarre, and some are downright hard to follow. Here’s what I do know, many injustices have been a “legal right” in this country. From slavery to abortion and everything in between. There has to come a time when we have to say enough is enough. We can no longer deny that abortion is the taking of a life. No matter how that life was conceived, doesn’t every child deserve our protection? From conception to natural death, we have to love, protect, and respect each other, and it all starts in the womb. 

Maybe if I am vulgar, people will respect my view? 


Clearly not biology majors.


I read the Bible, buuuut not really.


 Yup, that is true. But, are you saying we are not accountable for those choices we make? Are you saying we have to stand by and let injustices happen because it’s someone else’s choice?


I love throwing negative stereotypes at all pro-lifers.

A pro-choice demonstrator stands outside the Irish parliament

Thanks for clearing that up for me. Here I am thinking that my being pro-life means included everyone from conception to natural death. Oh, and did I force you into anything, really?


I think I am funny.

enhanced-buzz-8065-1298819031-0I don’t understand this one at all. Wat rites wer tuken?


I hate when men have a view that conflicts with mine.


So what if a woman was holding this pro-life sign? Do you have an argument for that? Or is it just easier to dismiss a person’s view on reproduction because of their gender?


We’re in college and think this is all about sex.


Wait. So you’re saying abortions are happening because of the people that oppose them? Not because of reckless sexual behavior, failed birth control, rape, over sexualization of teens and young people… Nope, it’s definitely not any of those things. Gotta be the GOP. Why don’t you go hit the books, gals? Looks like you have a lot more to learn.


I shalt use thy religion against thee…


Points for the play on words, but that’s about it. Does anyone else feel like reproductive rights are being reduced to a right to sex without consequences? Discuss amongst yourselves.


My baby loves me so much, she/he would be ok with his/her premature death to support my right to “choice.”


 No, your baby is not prochoice. No child is prochoice. No child believes that killing another human being is ever okay.



I apologize for being a man. And secretly, I mostly support abortion so I can have sex with whoever and never have to support a child.


 I will have a good day. Thanks!!


We are soooo tolerant!!!


My mind is blown. No rape babies!? And someone needs a lesson on where unborn babies reside.
I’m sorry (not sorry), but THIS is what hate and intolerance looks like.


Next time…
Let’s dive into the good and bad pro-life signs.