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Every Student Should Know These Patron Saints

It’s that time of the year again. School supplies have been on sale for the past month. You’re now getting adjusted to your new daily routine. If you’re a college student, you begin to rent and/or purchase your textbooks for the upcoming semester. You look over the syllabus provided in your classes and begin your plan of attack. If you’re a parent, you begin to make sure your child has all the materials needed to begin the school year right.

For some people, this time of the year is their favorite. For others, the dread of returning to school is real. But, not to worry! There are a number of saints who’ve got your back and will help you survive the next academic year. Here are 7 saints all students should become acquainted with.


If you’re struggling to get through the semester or academic year

Bl. Pier Giorgio struggled with school throughout his life. He had to repeat an entire school year and had to really work at passing his courses. Since he knew his academic weaknesses, he made sure that he put as much effort into his studies as he could, even forgoing social outings with his friends. He died at the young age of 24, two exams short of his degree. If you find yourself struggling with your classes, Bl. Pier Giorgio is the guy for you!


If you dislike school and/or have to deal with bullies… St. Therese of Lisieux

Poor St. Therese. She really did not like school. In fact, she said that “the five years (1881 – 1886) I spent [at Benedictine Abbey school of Notre-Dame du Pre] were the saddest of my life.” Not only did she intensely dislike school, she was also bullied as a child due to jealousy. St. Therese was younger than some of her peers and, despite her dislike of school, received high grades. This incurred a lot of jealousy and the bullying began. If you find yourself in a similar situation, don’t hesitate to call on the Little Flower for help.


If you have major test anxiety… St. Joseph of Cupertino

St. Joseph was a poor student and barely made it out of seminary due to his poor grades. Legend has it that he asked to know the answer to the exam question that he needed to known to “graduate” from seminary. Miraculously, he passed the exam and was able to get ordained as a result. Now, don’t think that if you don’t study you can just ask for his intercession so that you’ll pass. Study as best as you can. If you have major test anxiety, as St. Joseph to intercede so you have clarity of mind and will be able to remember what you’ve studied for the exam.


If writing isn’t your strong suit and you have a major essay or research paper due… St. Francis de Sales

Writer’s block doesn’t discriminate. Even those of us who love writing don’t always find the words to write. If you find yourself in this situation and have a big essay or research paper due soon, why not ask the patron saint of writers and journalists for a little help? Sure, you won’t have your paper automatically finished (it doesn’t work that way) but St. Francis can intercede to make sure you get that little bit of inspiration needed to get started.


If you’re on a deadline and/or doing homework and there’s a computer, printer, or internet glitch… St. Isidore of Seville

We’ve all been there before. It’s the morning something major is due. You’re printing out the physical copy when disaster strikes. It could be a major paper jam you don’t have time to fix or perhaps you ran out of ink and can’t run out to purchase a new cartridge. Perhaps your assignment is due online and your internet suddenly fails you. How about those blue screens we all dislike seeing? Whatever technological obstacle is thrown your way, say a quick prayer to the unofficial patron saint of the internet to lend you a hand.


If “Procrastination” is your middle name… St. Expeditus

You will not find a single student who has not procrastinated at some point in their academic career. Sometimes it’s not entirely our faults — a sudden illness or emergency comes up, making it difficult for us to do something with enough time. Oftentimes, though, we prioritize other things ahead of the academic and then we’re crunched for time. When this happens, St. Expeditus is your friends. His name says it all — you need speedy help.


If you’re majoring in [insert major]… the patron saint for that career/field

It may seem like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised how many people don’t bother looking into who the patron saint is for the field they’re studying. Whether you’re in high school, a freshman, or even a senior in college, you can always look up who the saint for your chosen career is and ask them to help you learn what you need to do well in the field. If you’re unsure of where to start, you can find a list of patron saints for nearly everything here.

Whatever obstacle you face this new academic year, remember that prayer will help you get through anything. Even if you choose not to invoke any of the saints mentioned above and opt to go straight to the Holy Spirit or Our Blessed Mother, know that “ask and ye shall receive.” Good luck with your studies!