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Feels of Every Parent at the Easter Vigil

The Easter Vigil is wonderful. I go every year. But it’s also long. Sometimes, it’s veeerrryyy looooooonnng. But, it’s worth it. Still, it’s fun to about the memories, too. Here are a few moments you might be familiar with.

When you arrive in the parking lot

Because you remember being received into the church

When you look over at your well-behaved kids and you’re full of confidence

About the time of the 5th reading

Your kids wont stop making jokes and asking to go home

When someone offers to help with your kids

And you, too, start thinking of goofy stuff

But you ain’t gonna let that get you down

You become tired, but still following

And then they get a lit candle

And you’re really hoping for the best at this point

The time you left to take a kid to the bathroom and someone stole your seat

Then the lights come on and they’re like

And you’re probably like

Or maybe

Or if you’ve never been to the Vigil

Then you though sitting in the front row was a good idea, until the blessing of the water

When you say the words, “He is risen”

But when it’s over, you’re grateful for much

And you leave with a great appreciation