13 Fulton Sheen Quotes to Fire Up Your Lent


How’s your Lent going so far? Are you hitting a slump, struggling with your sacrifice, and longing for the celebration of Easter?

Venerable Fulton Sheen has got your back.

For the first time ever, Fulton Sheen’s completed writings and reflections on Christ’s last words have been compiled into one book. Sheen shows how the words of Christ from the cross are a full catechism.

You can read through all of Fulton Sheen’s reflections on the passion and death of Christ with The Cries of Jesus from the Cross, an anthology compiled by Al Smith.

But before you go pick up a copy at your local Catholic bookstore or through Sophia Institute Press, read these thirteen quotes to inspire your heart for the rest of Lent!

1. “What Our Lord did say on the cross was to forgive. Forgive your Pilates, who are too week to defend your justice; forgive your Herods, who are too sensual to perceive your spirituality; forgive your Judases, who think worth is to be measured in terms of silver.”

2. “People living in dirt hardly ever realize how dirty dirt is. Those who live in sin hardly understand the horror of sin.”

3. “It is easier for God to write on a blank page than on one covered with your scribblings.”

4. “God does not want the world to have us! He wants us for himself because he died for us!”

5. “The virtue of hope lies not in the future of time, but beyond the tomb in eternity; its object is not the abundant life of earth, but the eternal love of God.”

6. “No stage was ever better set for the drama of hope than Calvary.”

7. “As a man gets more wicked, he understands his wickedness less and less, just as when a man’s fever climbs to a point of deliriousness, he understands his sickness less and less.”

8. “There is only one thing in the world that is definitely and absolutely your own, and that is your will.”

9. “The crown of gold we want may have underneath it the crown of thorns, but the heroes who choose the crown of thorns often find that underneath it is the crown of gold.”

10. “God will love you, of course, even though you do not love him, but remember if you give him only half your heart, he can make you only fifty percent happy.”

11. “The ideal is to reach a point in practice, where, like Our Lord on the cross, we witness to God even amidst abandonment and the agony of a crucifixion.”

12. “Though God may not grant all your wants, be sure that, in a certain sense, there is no unanswered prayer.”

13. “If love is reciprocal, then certainly he has a right to our love. Why do we not respond? Why do we let the Divine Heart die of thirst for human hearts?”

Fulton Sheen

Check out your local book store or Sophia Institute Press for the full beauty of Fulton Sheen’s thoughts on the passion and death of Christ with The Cries of Jesus from the Cross, an anthology compiled by Al Smith.


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