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Go Pray! A Catholic Card Game for Kids

My Catholic Kids creates wonderful prayer cards, magnets, and stickers of the saints so that the littlest among the faithful can learn about our friends in heaven and grow deeper in the Faith. The saints are drawn in a simplistic but beautiful and child-like manner, making the images accessible to little ones and their stories are told in a manner than any child could understand. At my house, we’re big fans of the magnets (which come with prayer cards) and we talk about the saints every time we go to the refrigerator or pass through the kitchen.

Now there’s a new way kids can learn about the saints.



My Catholic Kids has launched Fishing For Saints, a card game for kids (and kids at heart!). Containing 10 different saints, this is Go Fish with a holy twist! Find matches of the saints, tell other players to, “Go pray!”, and come out with the most pairs.

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Alternatively, you can play the game as a memory game where you try to find matches. Kids can flip over cards and try to remember where each saint is located.



The designs on the cards are the same simplistic, beautiful style as the magnets. They feature a small version of the saint in each corner of the card. This makes them easier for kids to recognize while they’re holding many at a time!

The cards are also durable, meaning that they’re easier for little hands to handle. The cards won’t bend quite as easily (though they still will). My Catholic Kids included 10 prayer cards in the deck, one for each saint included. On the back of the card, you’ll find the story of the saint.



Head over to My Catholic Kids for Launch Day (May 7) and Launch Week (May 7-14) specials (including this awesome saints prayer book pictured below to collect the prayer cards into and has “brand new prayers written especially for little hearts”). Do not miss out on this sweet, fun, informative, and prayerful game!