HBO's "The Young Pope" Proves Problematic. See for yourself: – EpicPew

HBO’s “The Young Pope” Proves Problematic. See for yourself:

There’s a new Pope now and this is only the beginning.

HBO released the first episode of their new mini-series, “The Young Pope” in October. The series, directed by Paolo Sorrentino tells the story of Pius XIII, or Lenny Berardo played by  Jude Law, and Diane Keaton joins him on screen as an American nun, Sister Mary.

In the series, Pope XIII, the first American pope, comes into a position of great power.  However, he resists the traditions of the Vatican and doesn’t seem to have any concern with the results.

“Perfect. The first pope from America is a complete nut job. Sounds about right.” – Shaun McAfee, epicPew founder/editor

Reviews have called The Young Pope ‘borderline anti-Christ’. The Hollywood reporter said, “Could this be about to turn the Church into an extremist, fundamentalist organization? One thing is sure: Pius XIII’s message has nothing in common with the love and brotherhood preached by the current Pope Francis.”

The Young Pope will definitely shake things up, but hopefully not more than it should. See for yourself: watch the HBO trailer below!

What are your thoughts about The Young Pope?