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How to Grow Closer to the Saints on All Saints Day

All Saints Day

As we begin to close out October—continuing to pray our rosaries of course!—we look ahead to All Saints Day. It’s a day we can look to the saints for inspiration, an example of how to live in a world which rejects God. There are a lot of saints to be remembered and most we don’t even know about. Some saints are quite obscure, such as St. Vitalis who converted prostitutes, or St. Messalina who was persecuted for visiting a friend in prison. Since we miss many saints’ feast days throughout the year, the Church gave us this day to remember all of them, known and unknown, to celebrate.

Inspiration of the saints

Sometimes we feel so alone or so small in this world so filled with hate, corruption, and secular views. We’re constantly filled with falsehoods and evil notions and deeds. When we consider the multitude of individuals who have sacrificed their lives with the goal of spreading the gospel, we may not feel so small. The examples of the saints can hopefully give us a new perspective. We can be inspired by the faithful who have plowed on through adversity and reached their heavenly goal. So, how can we fill ourselves with this goodness on a more regular basis?

First of all, we should continue to pray daily (especially the rosary!) morning, noon, and night. Secondly, keep holy the Sabbath by going to Mass regularly. Hearing God’s Word and receiving the sacraments are a powerful way to keep our souls in check. Reading God’s Word on your own is important too! Be sure to crack open that Bible and listen to what God is telling you in the moment.

Another great way to build up your sainthood is living the beatitudes. It’s the gospel reading for the day of November 1st, and it’s a clear guide to sainthood if you apply it correctly. The saints were peacemakers, fought for righteousness, exuded humility, and were persecuted when they didn’t back down from threats of persecution. Read the beatitudes and apply them to your life every day; continue praying, reading His Word, and receiving the sacraments and you’re well on your way to sainthood.

A Podcast for future saints

If you’d like to have a more regular reminder of the inspiration of the saints, listen to a podcast by MAX Studios at the University of St. Thomas in Houston. Hosted by Creative Director Darnell Miller, Protagonists of Change, illustrates stories of today with influence by saints of yesterday. The podcast tells stories of everyday people working to become saints today.

“Using music and sound effects to create vibrant soundscapes, the podcast creates an immersive experience that draws the listener deeply into stories of joy, mercy and hope. Season Two features all new episodes with guests such as Leah Darrow, Edward Herrera and Meg Hunter-Kilmer. Each episode, released bi-weekly, includes a special segment called “Who’s That Saint?” that briefly profiles the life of a saint in connection with the theme of the episode. Listeners can expect to learn more about such saints as St. Maria Faustina Kowalska, Blessed Solanus Casey, and Santa Maria de Jesus Sacramentado.” (MAX Studios, 2022)

Let’s be honest, the world is constantly filling us with garbage, and it’s no good for our souls. So, why not fill ourselves with goodness and inspiration so that we can lighten our hearts and minds and inspire ourselves to a better future. Let’s be the good guys, the saints-in-the-making. Fill yourself with goodness today and inspire someone to reach for heaven.

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