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How to Handle My Emotions: Joy

Many emotions come without the need for help in teaching our children to regulate and handle these emotions, and to regulate them well. As simple (and familiar) as fear and joy might seem, their context in the lives of my children caught me a little by surprise, though. What it comes to fear, absolutely all kids should learn how to handle fear from a young age. But joy? Joy is different, because the meaning of true joy is hidden. How to Handle My Emotions, a new book by Magnificat-Ignatius just arrived and I was curious about its application. Turns out, I really liked it, so let me show you how this book teaches kids to handle joy well in case you want to use it to help in your household, too.

Starting off strong on joy, you meet Charlotte just as she is receiving a package just for her full of wonderful treats! She is so excited she immediately begins to eat them and doesn’t even think to share with others around her—after all, it’s her gift, and she loves it. Why would she share?

This is where the story takes off with teaching kids self-regulation as well as learning to share and spread joy with those around us.

I love the doodles and the various colors of print that lead to the notes in the margins, making it easy for younger kids to learn to follow notes and take in a concept they might have missed.

Charlotte begins observing her neighbors and learning from them. Even those who have little love to share can spread joy with the things they do have. So Charlotte begins to follow suit, realizing she no longer cares for some of the surprises, she only wants to see the joy her peers receive from the gifts she brings.

At the end of each section in the book, between parts of the main story, there are areas for kids to review on their “own” and own the lessons and demonstrate their retention. This not only reinforced the lessons but helps kids to apply them to their own lives. There is also a section for the parents to help their children understand more and review with the child. For joy, there was a path to joy that can be followed based on Charlotte’s experience that was really fun to go over.

All the books in this series thus far have been wonderful additions to our children’s library and character/virtue training that is ongoing at all times. It’s so much easier to find books on manners for small kids that I truly value these as my own kids approach their preteen years. Get your copy of this great book by following this link!