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You Need to Read Mother Angelica’s Inner Thoughts on God

We are so blessed to have known and loved Mother Angelica. She placed all of her faith in God alone, and believed she could move mountains when everyone else around her doubted.

She had an inner strength from her time before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, where she wrote down her thoughts and prayers in journals. Some of these journals have been brought together in the latest EWTN publication, which combines five of Mother Angelica’s books into one volume – Mother Angelica on God, His Home, and His Angels

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Here are eight quotes that highlight some of her brilliant and beautiful statements about God.



On the Fathers splendor

“I must keep my mirror clean and bright as possible so Jesus’ Face will be clear and strong – so strong that the mirror disappears and everyone looking into it sees no one but Jesus.”


The wisdom of God

“God does not know me because I exist – His constant thought of me causes me to exist. God really knows me, and because He does, I am.”


The providence of God

“His Providence protects the freedom of His creatures by permitting evil, but in turns that evil to some good for those who love Him. His Providence helps me choose the right thing at the right time but stands by me if I make the wrong choice.”



“God alone is omnipotent, for  He alone can look at nothing and make something. His Power goes beyond that – it sustains whatever it creates as long as He wills.”


God is immutable 

“His Will is changeless because He wills only what it good for me. Even when I offend Him, His Will always desires my good, His Love reaches out for a response, and His Mercy extends forgiveness.”



“He offers me His intimate friendship and a life of peace and joy by living within the secret chamber of my soul. His Presence within my soul is hidden because it is spiritual, and the fruits of that Presence have the power to transform me into a son of God.”



“God will far transcend everything I know about Him and this will be so for all eternity. It is an exhilarating thought to realize I will never exhaust the number of His attributes or their infinity. I am called to participate in these perfections in whatever degree I desire.”



“Unlike earthly heroes, who always fall short of my ideals, God will eternally transcend all I could hope for. If I possessed all the knowledge of God amassed by all the great minds and saints in the world, it would be only a beginning of what remains to be learned.”


There is so much to ponder when reading the deep, inner thoughts and prayers of Mother Angelica. She has such a profound understanding of our Lord, which will help us to know and grow closer to God. Check out this latest publication from EWTN at your local Catholic bookstore or online here.