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Lego Catechism?! Everything is Awesome! Review

Do you find yourself stepping on lego bricks and yelping in pain?! Or maybe you know some parents who profess to this happening on the regular in their homes? Sounds like there might be a few people in your life who this might be perfect for! Introducing the Catechism of the Seven Sacraments!

Like moths to a flame, this book drew my boys attention instantly as they spotted it on the bookshelf at their godparents home. In fact, their godparents sent their copy with the boys to add to their own shelves! I glanced through the table of contents and was downright impressed. Take a look for yourself:

Quite the list of topics to cover!!!

After looking at this and seeing my boys devouring the comic styled book, I decided to take a look and see how the author/creator had managed to pack all this in.

Okay, the details captured in lego bricks are nothing short of impressive. Even a non-lego fan can’t help but appreciate the work and imagination that went into this.

The book is written as an adventure. You can easily pick up just one topic at a time or follow the story from start to finish as you cheer on and laugh with the characters as they learn their Catechism.

I might have stuck a bookmark on the pages about the Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit to emphasize that mom and dad aren’t the only ones cheering on their character and virtue training.

Overall I was very impressed with this book and have been impressed that months in it is still picked up many times a week to the point where it lives on a night table instead of on a bookshelf. This book would definitely would make a great gift for the lego lover in your life! Grab your copy by following this link!