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Lenten Cookbook from Scott Hahn & The Vatican’s Swiss Guard!

Other than the hype of fish fries as we abstain from meat every Friday and the current trend of intermittent fasting, do Catholic really know what fasting even is? Or if they do, do they know that there are more than two ways to fast? Or also, that the spirit of the fast is completely different depending on what the fast is for?

Do you find yourself reaching for fish sticks, cheese pizza and mac n cheese every Friday because you just don’t know what to cook and lent seems even more penitential for the adults while the kids are rejoicing at the amazing foods they long for anyway?

You gotta check out this new cookbook, which includes recipes and much-needed spiritual insight from acclaimed Catholic theologian Scott Hahn.

A former member of the Vatican Swiss Guard teamed up with Scott Hahn and Sophia Institute Press and an amazing photographer to bring us this amazing cookbook that you will want to display.

Beginning with more than fifty pages on the subject of fasting you will find yourself devouring the text and inspired by what you learn about all different forms of fasting—and actually wanting to add them into your liturgical life.

Followed by pages and pages of food worthy of fasts from longterm to short term, community or more forms of severe fasting you will find yourself excited to mix it up and add a lot of healthy and not so healthy foods to your menu plans.

For my family, we choose to use more fasting worthy foods or healthy foods through Lent as a whole and then observe the usual fast on Friday’s. This cookbook is perfect for that focus.

Get your copy today and find yourself leaving it out on the counter tops as the cover is perfectly simple yet done in lenten colors and adds that perfect touch of “this time is set apart and holy” in a new way in your kitchen and in your heart. Get The Lenten Cookbook from Sophia Press to get it in time for the start of lent on Wednesday.

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