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Love is Patient—3 Easy Tips for Marriage and Family

I Corinthians 13 offers a reflection on love as being patient. The beginning verses read, “Love is patient, love is kind; it is not jealous or boastful.” There are much more than the introductory lines, and in reading they lead us to understand that love is truly sacrificial and giving. Here are a few ways to offer more patience in family life.

Being a better listener

One of the best ways to be patient is to take the time to listen. Whether it is a spouse, a child, or someone else, listening skills are a way that we can show love to others. Listening is not an easy task as it takes a great deal of patience. One practice to do a better job is to repeat back the words of the speaker when appropriate. This also assures the person speaking that you are understanding properly. This is a wonderful way to be a better listener.

Letting the other person have preference

It is not an easy thing to do when we let the other person have the first choice, the first say, or the last word. This is what it means letting the other person have preference in decisions when it is appropriate. When we allow our spouse or children to make a decision that we would rather have first choice on, this is a sacrifice. It is also a way that we can be more patient and offer virtue toward others in marriage and family.  It is natural to want our own way in the little decisions of daily living. When we offer for our spouse or children to have first choice in decisions at an appropriate time, it is a way to be more patient.

Pray to be more patient

Prayer is essential in daily living in terms of virtue. Patience is a major virtue since we are all challenged daily in terms of living it. A short prayer said to be more patient in the middle of a difficult moment goes a long way. It is also a real gift to others when we can offer patience as a sacrifice given to ourselves in the time of challenge. In addition, when virtue is running thin and tempers flaring at a moment of distress, patience is the ultimate means to give of ourselves. This is done through prayer both in the short and long term.

Above are ways we can imitate Christ by being more patient at home with spouses, children, and others. The Holy Spirit is alive and active when we can pray to God for more patience in all the little and bigger moments of the day. Intercede to Mary and to the saints for increases patience to be at peace both in your heart and in your home each day.

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