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New Symbolon Series Coming Summer 2024

The Augustine Institute is releasing a new catechetical series this summer recorded primarily in the U.S. What is Symbolon? How is it accessed and used in parishes? What can you hope to get out of this new series?

Let’s dive into those questions and learn what this new program can do for you and your parish.

What is Symbolon?

Symbolon is a Greek word referring to a seal, often split and given to two people in an agreement. The seal indicates a relationship so that when two are brought together, the seal can be identified. This is the origin of the word symbol.

The early Christians referred to their Creed as their symbolon, or their seal of faith. The Creed represents the Faith and brings Christians together.

“This series is called Symbolon because it intends to help bring people deeper into that communion of apostolic faith that has existed for 2,000 years in the Church that Christ founded.” (Symbolon Leader’s Guide)

The Augustine Institute launched its first series, Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained, in 2013. The series contained 20 half-hour videos aimed at adults for faith formation. Its new series is Symbolon: The Faith of the Church and premiers this summer. The new series will have 16 half-hour videos.

How to use Symbolon in your parish

Since Symbolon is a catechetical series, it can be used for men’s groups, women’s groups, RCIA, or similar meetings. Some parishes use it to form their catechists or leaders as well.

The program can be accessed through the Augustine Institute or directly through their Catholic streaming service, FORMED, which hosts content for both individuals and parishes to access for clean entertainment and solid faith formation. The original series study guides and DVDs are available for purchase at Catholic Market. You can also access the original series online right here.

Parishes who access Symbolon often break their meetings into sessions. In each (usually weekly) session, they watch one video, then break into discussion groups with guided questions to get the conversation started. Some use it in RCIA and choose specific videos to support their program. Some use the entire program to support the faith formation of their catechists. When teaching the faith, this resource can be used countless ways.

The new Symbolon

Symbolon is the best-selling catechetical series out there, so why remake it?

Taylor Kemp, former professional soccer player for DC United and VP of Content for Symbolon, weighs in.

“The first Symbolon was entirely filmed in Rome,” he explains. “Many other catechetical series followed suit. We decided to take a different route. We wanted to take a storytelling angle where Catholic and American history met. We want to teach in such a way, where people would hear examples and see places that are close to home. Whoever is watching this show would feel called to authentic sanctity here on American soil.”

The series shows sites across the U.S. with only a couple episodes in Rome and the Holy Land. Plus, the SAugustine Institute has technology now that wasn’t as available a decade ago. With aerial drone shots and dynamic graphics, the newer videos are more engaging to today’s viewers, bringing the teaching of the Catholic Church to life.

“We believe we were able to hand on the ancient faith in a way that makes it most available, so people can receive it. Using storytelling and technology for teaching aides, a lot’s changing.”

Catechesis and prayer

Every episode has a connection with sacred scripture, tradition, history, and ends in prayer. The lectio divina is led by either Dr. Tim Gray (president of AI) or Dr. Elizabeth Klein (assoc. Prof theology).

“Our deep desires are not just to be educated, but  formed in the mind of Christ,” Taylor says. “Symbolon invites viewers to experience God in the here and now. This isn’t something later or back then; this is now. That is our hope.”

Get your parish ready

You can sign up for notifications and expect the new Symbolon: The Faith of the Church to be available starting July 17, 2024. The release coincides with the Eucharistic Conference in Indiana this July. The Augustine Institute will be there with a booth, so if you’re going, be sure to check them out.

It’s a great time to reach out to your parish priest or pastoral staff and invite them to check this out. Symbolon promises a call to holiness and communion with the Catholic Church.

“The Holy Spirit is moving and alive in the United States,” Taylor says. “We wanted to call the people watching this today to holiness.”

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