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Nun With Chainsaw Makes Habit of Serving

MIAMI – Sr. Margaret Ann makes a habit of doing her part for the community. In full habit, she faced the sweltering heat of Miami armed with the school’s chainsaw to clear the roads.


Principal of Archbishop Coleman F Carroll High School, she went out motivated by the safety of her community and knowledge that she could meet the need. Off-duty officer Silvia Nadal spotted her when outside to survey the damages, and was so inspired she took a video to encourage her fellow officers. “She is truly an example of what a servant of God will do. It was just incredible,” Nadal said in an interview.

“If you have a chance to help out, then you should,” said Sr. Margaret Ann.

She said in another interview, she was praying for those who’s homes were ruined in the community while she was hard at work. How is she handling her time in the spotlight? Encouraging other’s to pitch in, put each other first, and making sure Christ gets the glory. “The focus isn’t really on me, it’s on our Lord and the good that He can bring out of the tragedy. Especially when we put other people first and do what we can to help out.”

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Thank you, Sister, for your beautiful example and we join you in praying for your community and school in the aftermath of hurricane Irma.