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Outdoor Catholic Movie Night

Courtesy of Woman’s Day

We’re about halfway through the summer season. I think many are looking for ideas to bring the community together to enjoy the cool summer evening while nurturing fellowship with fellow Catholics.

One amazing activity during the summer that was once popular was slowly making a comeback, outdoor movie night.

Here are some ideas for a Catholic movie night outside

1. Have popcorn and other favorite snacks (attendees can bring their own also)

2. Encourage everyone to bring a beach chair. It can help those who are uncomfortable sitting on grass or concrete.

3. Use the funds to support a cause (pregnancy resource center, parish, FOCUS missionary, etc). Charge $5 per person or have people pay as they wish with $10 or more.

Here are movie suggestions for the event. Bear in mind the audience.

1. Classic films from some Hollywood legends like James Cagney, Alfred Hitchcock, and many other legends. Some favorites of mine are I Confess, Yankee Doodle Dandy, and Bells of St. Mary

2. Biopic on a Catholic saint. Use one’s Formed subscription or visit EWTN on demand.

3. Cartoons such as old-school Disney animated movies or other appropriate cartoons. Even Toy Story is a good selection.

4. Sports movies. Some suggestions are Invincible, Miracle, and Angels in the Outfield. If eager to go on the underdog route, show Rocky.

5. Documentaries on Catholic events. The Knights of Columbus have produced many that have since aired on the local listings. One pertains to Our Lady of Guadalupe. See more here.

Start planning a movie night at your parish. It will bring the community together, raise funds for a good cause, and even help get to know other parishioners or neighboring churches.