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Holy Week Reflections Everyone Can Handle

As Catholics and as people of faith, Holy Week is a time for maturation in our relationship with Christ. As we pray and draw closer to Jesus during Holy Week, here are some pointers to stay focused on what matters most in terms of our faith and making the best of this sacred time.

Make extra time to pray

We are here. It is Holy Week! As Catholics and as Christians, this is the most important week of the year in terms of walking with our Lord. Taking the extra time to pray during Holy Week is essential for growth as it is a time to pray, contemplate, and reflect on the Pascal Mystery: the life, death, Resurrection, and Ascension of our Lord, Jesus Christ. If you are working during Holy Week, continue your task, but keep Christ in mind as you accomplish your work-week. Christ is grateful for you prayers not just during Holy Week but always. This is a sacred time to pray for the needs of a suffering world including all those you may know who need your prayers.

Read the daily Mass readings (and more)

Paying special attention to the Liturgy during Holy Week is a way to grow in faith and closer to Christ. The readings each day are a leading up the the beautiful celebration of the Easter vigil. Take the time to read, reflect, and to meditate on the readings and pray Lectio Divina to better experience the readings and get to know the heart of Christ in a closer way. Lectio Divina will help you to reflect more fully and to increase your knowledge of God’s Word. Make this a practice for your family both during Holy Week and beyond.

Slow down

For many, Holy Week is still a work week, a school week, and a week that still has its responsibilities. However, it is a time to slow down and be with Christ in reflection of this momentous time of our faith lives. When we slow down to pray, to be with family, and to contemplate the life of Christ, we can grow further in knowing the heart of Christ. Even if you are obligated to work or to do the daily activities of life, take the time to enjoy this holiest of weeks both for yourself and for your loved ones.

Acts of charity

Often times, people associate holiday acts of charity with the Advent or Christmas seasons. It is also an excellent time to do acts of charity during Holy Week and beyond to expand your faith and show the face of Christ to others. Whether it be a monetary contribution to a non-profit which helps families, donations to a food pantry or soup kitchen, or helping a family member or person within your community, these are acts that help to make our world a more loving and caring place.

Eucharistic adoration

Going to Eucharistic adoration is time with Jesus, body, blood, soul, and divinity. Whether you pray in adoration for an hour, more or less, it is precious time with the Lord. Take time during the week to stop by at church or a perpetual adoration chapel in order to draw nearer to him during Holy Week. The Lord will certainly be happy to feel your presence with him in adoration.

Attend the Triduum services

A wonderful way to progress in faith is to make it a point to attend the Lord’s Supper Mass, Good Friday services, and of course, Easter Mass. Attending the Easter vigil at your parish is also a profound way to participate in the celebration of Easter. Watching new Catholics be brought into the faith, to receive their Holy Communion, and to be confirmed at the Easter vigil is an extraordinary way to celebrate Easter to the fullest with your family.

Easter Mass

Easter Mass is the most important part of Holy Week. Whether the Easter vigil or Sunday morning Mass. This article would not be complete without mentioning this important fact. Celebrate it well! Bring along your whole family, pray, and rejoice! This is the most glorious celebration of the year in commemoration of the Paschal Mystery of Jesus Christ. As you celebrate this day, remember all that you and your family did over Lent to experience Christ in a deeper way.

Keep the joy!

Keep the joy you have experienced during Easter Sunday Mass and the celebration of the resurrection. Don’t forget that the Easter Season lasts until Pentecost Sunday, so keep the spirit of faith alive each day. Keep afresh all that you learned about Christ and your personal faith journey so that others may benefit from the joy you are living at every moment.

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