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The Best of Catholic Spoken Word Poetry

Lately, I have been watching a lot of spoken word poetry videos on YouTube. This has led me to read more poetry. I have found that I like reading the poems of poets who perform spoken word better than the poets who wrote their poems and left them in a book.

I like poetry that comes alive.

While reflecting on this, I found myself wondering why there were no Catholic spoken word poets. But then I remembered that I had not really looked for any. So, I decided to look for some – and I found five worth sharing.


1. “Yes to You” – Fr. Pontifex

Want more? Fr. Pontifex is also a rapper and has several albums on iTunes.


2. “Lukewarm” – Zealous

Zealous is also a rapper with albums on iTunes. This poem can be purchased on iTunes.


3. “Don Bosco” – Br. Steve, SDB

Br. Steve is also a member of the rap duo Bosco Boys.


4. “Five Thirds” – Kristin Brokaw

This poem was featured on Fr. Pontifex’s album The Invincibles.


5. “Vox et Veritas Salt and Light” – TJ Burdick

Epic Pew featured some of TJ Burdick’s writing. Check out some of the pieces he wrote here!

Sad to only see 5 poems on this list? Go out and start writing and performing your own spoken word poetry!

Featured image: Gavin Witner “A Bearded Man Singing” Flicker commons. Check out