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This App Is like Pokemon Go! Meets the Saints . . . We Tried It Out

Gotta Catch ’em All, Gotta Catch ’em All… Saints?

VATICAN CITY, ROME – A new app has been released by an independent creator, inspired by the popular game, POKEMON GO! The app-based game, Follow JC Go! will have catholics watching their phone for all the right reasons: learning about the saints, growing in their faith, while being encouraged to pray for the sick, give charitably to those in need, and love the people around them.

We tested it and caught “Saul” almost immediately!

Those familiar with POKEMON GO! will find that there are many similarities. The app opens to a map where you will find saints on the screen as you walk following the map which matches your surroundings. Instead of fighting, training, and taming little Japanese characters, you will find yourself completing quotes, answering Biblical questions, and collecting saints for your evangelization team. Because the map is based on your location, when you pass hospitals, a reminder to pray for the sick and hurting will appear. You can even give to charity and receive in-game currency.

Maybe not so coincidentally, Follow JC Go! went live out the same month as the Youth Synod, and the Pope himself is said to be a fan. There are five languages options being worked on, including Spanish and English, to make it easy for anyone to join in and collect all the saints. In the next few weeks the English version should be released, but until then the version for Spain is up and running and we can download it while we wait for our own language preferences to update.

Gotta catch ’em all, gotta catch ’em all!—Gotta pray with them all! Go to you AppStore and get Follow JC Go! today.