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26 Reasons You Should Leave the Catholic Church Immediately

In this world of craziness, you might be a little off your rocker to study Catholicism and even sillier if you choose to become a Catholic (GASP!).  If you did take the plunge (in the waters of baptism as an infant or as an adult) and you are Catholic, maybe you should have read this post first.

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I present you with 26 reasons everyone should leave the Catholic Church immediately…


1. Catholic theologians know next to nothing

And even though you’ve already told her all the details about how you’ve beheld him at Mass on campus, out at a local restaurant, and even in the rigorous theology class you take with him, she’ll never stop asking.

Take Scott Hahn for example. Like he’s even written a single book.


2. The Catholic Church isn’t even historical

The Pope Chart:

There’s definitely not a record of popes going back 2000 years.


3. The Pope is devoid of fun


4. Literally nobody famous is Catholic

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5. Catholic Church has no art worth gazing upon

Smith Catholic Art
Smith Catholic Art




6. Architecture …? yuck

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7. Priests are dull, too



8. There are literally NO YOUTH anywhere


 Especially at World Youth Day


9. Did I mention Catholic Church hates women?

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10.  Catholics just don’t know how to relax

Go to: St. Mark Food Festival
St. Mark Food Festival


11. They’re out of touch with the culture


It’s also no fun to be Pope Francis’ ONLY follower on Twitter.


12. No love for the poor

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13. Or sick people

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14. They’re just heartless



15. Well okay just him and her, nobody else




15. The saints are boring and had nothing interesting to say

What Saint Lawrence, caretaker of church papers, is to have said to torturers or soldiers who were sent to kill him (by "grilling") for disobeying orders to destroy items:



16. And that whole Eucharist thing isn’t even in the Bible

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17. Miracles are a modern invention




18. And nuns… don’t even get me started



19. The Catholic Church hates sex, which really sucks

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20. Art… meh…



21. Then there’s Mary

The ORIGINAL Rosary Dates Back All the Way to the Holy Family:


22. She’s never even been closely associated with a miracle

LOURDES, FRANCE - SEPTEMBER 12: The Statue of Our Lady of Lourdes at the entrance to the Grotto of Massabielle on September 12, 2008 in Lourdes, France. Pope Benedict XVI will arrive here for the 150th anniversary of the Vatican-recognized apparitions of the Virgin Mary. Pope Benedict XVI begins his first official visit to France today in Paris. (Photo by Carsten Koall/Getty Images)



23. Okay that was a long time ago and she probably appeared to a dude



24. Well the Church definitely hates women



25. Fine, they’re always serious and have no sense of humor



26. Whatever, the Catholic Church is dying anyway



Better leave while you can!