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Reflecting on the Way of the Cross

Archbishop Georg Gänswein, longtime secretary to Pope Benedict XVI, updates the Stations of the Cross with new reflections from Jesus’ passion. The Way of the Cross is an illustrated guide provides us with the prayers, reflection and images to contemplate the suffering Jesus encountered on his way to death.

The images are from the fresco’s of Martin Feuerstine in Saint Anna Church in Munich, Germany.

Jesus’ passion for some can just show a man needlessly suffering, but for Christians, it shows the Son of God sacrificing himself for our sins so that we don’t have to. As long as we remember what he did for us, and share our suffering with his, we can live our lives closer to the way that Jesus taught us to, which is to love one another.

Contemplating the Stations

As we follow along with Jesus, this guide sets the scene with adoration and a verse from the Gospels.

We then reflect upon the events of the station and what Jesus is doing in each stop along the stations. Each painful step leads us along through prayer and reflection. The images beautifully and sadly illustrate his suffering.

Even if we are not celebrating Lent, we always should recall the Passion of Jesus to help us to continually pick up our cross and follow Him. The Way of the Cross, by Archbishop Georg Gänswein, can help us walk along that path, either while following the stations in a Church or from our own homes.