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Saint and Word of the Year Generator

It’s that time of year again! According to Maria Von Trapp in her book Around the Year with the Von Trapp Family, a saint should be chosen for the liturgical year- not all of us were that on top of things. It’s NOT TOO LATE! Jennifer Fulwiler updated her name and word generators for us to pick for 2019!

First, because Jen was good enough to link the two generators, lets start with the word of the year generator.

This is actually a really great word for the goals I am already working towards and will be taking the next step in. Pregnancy and then having a new baby at the same time as the toddler deciding to potty train have left me in a strange world of wondering where my day went. I have a feeling that this applies to many if not most of us whether you have small kids, big kids, no kids. So, what are the steps I will take next to live a more sereneĀ life?

You can see that there is a built in link to the saint’s name generator (thank you, Jen!). So go ahead and click right on over and let’s pick our saint for the year (liturgical or calendar, your choice).

Click the button and surprise! You’ve got something to do next before you can proceed. But instead of being required to enter an email address or link your social media profile, it’s actually a chance to pause and pray.

So I paused for a second, prayed, clicked and waited for my match half holding my breathe. And. . . .

Anyone who knows me or of me knows that I have just a few things in my life that I “fangirl” over. Now canonized Saint Pope Paul VI, is one of them. I had the amazing blessing of attending his canonization Mass with my family this past October (you can read my husbands account here and here or check us out on Instagram to see pictures and little stories of the whole family @shaunmcafee @jessmcafee08) and we even had the opportunity to write a chapter in IInseparable, published by Catholic Answers based on the 50th anniversary of Saint Pope Paul VI’s encyclical Humane Vitae. Shoot, I even work for an institute named for him in Omaha, NE!

All that to say, this saint name couldn’t have been more on point! I planned on saying something about how sometimes a saint chooses us so strongly that we need to pay attention, but that when this doesn’t happen, we can turn to Jen for help. Turns out, the saints turn to Jen for a little help in making themselves understood as well!